American Megafauna

[First Edition]
Tue Oct 19 11:40:41 PDT 1999

Summary of DNA

Roadrunner DNA
These varieties of DNA are the most important for the predator-prey relationship.

Other DNA

Balancing Variant

Note: in the first edition, this variant is in the rules, on the back of the blue page. It is reproduced here because the page is not visible during play. This has been corrected in later editions as these choices can be found on the back page of the rules.

Choose starting DNA in order:

Summary of Catastrophes

Some editions of the blue sheet information are slightly wrong.


The Comet: kills > 3 AaBGMS and triple S Cenozoic: The Asteroid: kills > 2 AaMS (nasty) and triple B
The Supernova: kills > 4 AaMNS and triple I
The Solar Flare: kills size > 4 and triple A and triple a

Summary of Cold-Blooded Variant:

New rules for Reptiles, except avian: