Tales of the Arabian Nights

Effects of Statuses
  1. "Accursed" Ask another player to give you a number whenever rolling the die. He may consult the BOOK OF TALES first.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  2. "Beast Form" You may not choose the "Court" option, but if you are forced to do so, you acquire "Scorned" status.
    You may not score Destiny Points.
    You cannot gain the "Appearance" skill (if you already have it, place it under the status marker).
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  3. "Beloved" See 119.
  4. "Blessed" Pick the number you will use for your die roll. You may consult the BOOK OF TALES first.
  5. "Crippled" Your movement is reduced by one.
    You cannot gain "Seduction" or "Appearance (if you already have it, place it under the status marker).
    Double the number of Destiny Points you gain in encounters on the A-D, J, or H reaction matrices.
  6. "Determined" Once per encounter, you may reject your award and choose a new reaction.
  7. "Diseased" Your movement is reduced by one.
    You may give the status to another player at the cost of three Destiny Points.
    You may pay one wealth and encounter a Healer Sage (A).
    You also receive "Scorned" status.
  8. "Enslaved" Each turn you designate another player to be your "master." He receives any treasures or Destiny Points which you would normally receive instead of you.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  9. "Ensorcelled" Choose another player to decide where you must move.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  10. "Envious" You cannot win.
    If it is possible to choose the "Rob" reaction, you must choose it.
  11. "Fated" Do not roll for the Encounter Chart; instead, choose another player who will decide what you encounter (in the Interactive Card Game, this is the player from whom you received the encounter card).
  12. "Grief Stricken" You may not use Talent level skills.
    You may use Master level skills at Talent level only.
    You may give another player this status if you have the Storytelling skill (at any level) and spend two Destiny Points.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  13. "Imprisoned" You may not move. Each turn you encounter a Hunchback(C). Deck 1: 86. Deck 2: 91. Deck 3: 101.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  14. "Insane" Choose another player to choose your option on the Reaction Matrix.
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  15. "Lost" You may not move. Each turn you may choose the "Badly Lost"(G) encounter.
  16. "Love Struck" This turn, roll one die instead of having a normal encounter. 1-3 is Beautiful Maiden/Handsome Soldier(J); 4-6 is Beautiful Princess/Handsome Prince(A). You must choose the "Court" option.
  17. "Married" Gain 1 Story Point.
    The next city you enter (or the one you are currently in) is your Origin. After you have an encounter in another city, you must return to your Origin before you may have an encounter in any other city. Each time you return home, gain one Story Point. You may also roll two dice for additional awards (see 133).
  18. "On Pilgrimage" You cannot win.
    Place your Destination chit in any city no within three moves of Makka. You must have an encounter in that city and have an encounter in Makka. When this is completed, you receive two Destiny Points and one Story Point. You also receive the "Piety" skill at one level higher than you currently have (if eligible).
  19. "Outlaw" Mark the nearest city with your Origin chit. If you have an encounter there, you are automatically "Imprisoned" at the end of the encounter (unless you choose "Avoid"). If you receive "Outlaw" a second time, you are automatically moved to your Origin and become "Imprisoned."
    Lose one Merchant Arrow.
  20. "Pursued" For each encounter, if the being can be "Vengeful", that is the type it is.
  21. "Respected" When encountering humans from matrices A-D, H, or J, you may roll a second time for and award.
  22. "Robe of Honor" Gain one Destiny Point.
    Gain Wisdom skill (dependent on this status).
    Receive status of "Respected" at "6 or less."
  23. "Scorned" All subsequent Destiny Point awards are changed to Story Points.
    You may not receive new wealth levels or skills.
  24. "Sex-Changed" You cannot win.
    Flip your counter.
  25. "Sultan" You must already have twelve Destiny Points and twelve Story Points to achieve this status, otherwise, you receive "Vizier" status instead.
    You win if you reach Baghdad.
  26. "Under Geas" You cannot win.
  27. "Vizier" You receive one Destiny Point and one Story Point.
    Gain "Courtly Graces" and "Wisdom" skills (dependent on this status).
    Place your Origin chit in the nearest city. Each time you have an encounter in another city, you must return there before having an encounter in another city.
  28. "Wounded" Lose the use of the "Stealth & Stealing" skill.
    Lose the use of the "Major Magic" skill.
    Lose the use of the "Weapon Use" skill.
    Lose the use of the "Seduction" skill.
    Lose the use of the "Appearance" skill.
    Instead of a normal encounter, you may choose to pay a wealth level and encounter a Healer Sage(A).