Fische Fluppen Frikadellen
Questions and Answers
Wed Feb 18 14:24:33 PST 2004
  1. May trader no. 8, the one who accepts a commodity X and gives back Y and Z, be used to return two of the same thing which was turned in? Yes, Y and Z may be the same.
  2. What if there are two producers of, say, fennel, and only one fennel counter left to produce? Which one produces it? Or does neither do so? It is not produced.
  3. May a player purchase more than 7 tokens and discard unwanted ones? No.
  4. If another player moves you onto a merchant, are you still prohibited from interacting with him on your turn? Yes, this is a nasty possibility of this action.
  5. If a pawn is on a merchant when the latter's location is swapped, is the pawn caught up in the swap or does it stay where it is? Everything on a merchant swaps places including commodities and pawns.
Thanks for the answers provided by Henning Kröpke.