Republic of Rome
Q&A and House Rules

Correspondence with Avalon Hill, May 26, 1994:

Q. The rules (7.332) state that for matching wars, for example the 1st and 3rd Punic Wars, it is allowed to attack the higher-numbered wars as long as all current lower-numbered wars are also attacked. But what if the lower-numbered war has a fleet component, e.g. the 1st Punic War: in that case what is the minimum that the Senate must attack to permit attacking the higher-numbered war?

A. It is only necessary to attack the fleet portion of the lower-numbered war, i.e. send a minimum of a commander and one fleet to fight the 1st Punic War.
Correspondence with Avalon Hill, January 26, 1995:

A number of questions around what happens when there are proposals which name a senator who is assassinated before voting has completed. What is the status of such proposals when the assassination is successful?

  1. Before the two Consul candidates have been voted on (9.2, 9.8), one of them is assassinated. Q. Does voting continue on this proposal?
    A. No.
    Q. Does voting continue if both are assassinated?
    A. No.
  2. In a single proposal, five candidates are nominated to elect them to various governorships. One of the candidates is assassinated before voting can be completed. Q. Does voting on the proposal continue (9.6.2, 9.8)?
    A. No.
    Q. Or must this proposal be discarded and a new one formulated?
    A. Yes.
  3. Just before going to war, the Master of Horse is successfully assassinated. Q. May the dictator appoint a new one at this time?
    A. No.
  4. During the first minor prosecution of a turn, the Censor is killed (9.4, 9.8). Q. Does this end prosecutions for this turn?
    A. No.
    Q. If no, who may conduct the second prosecution?
    A. There is no second one.
  5. Suppose, during a landbill vote, one of the bill's sponsors is successfully assassinated. Q. Does voting on the landbill proposal continue as normal (9.63, 9.8)?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Or does the assassination cancel the proposal?
    A. No.
  6. Suppose, during a landbill vote, both of the bill's sponsors are successfully assassinated. Q. Does voting on the landbill proposal continue as normal?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Or do the assassinations cancel the proposal?
    A. No.
Solitaire Game House Rules

Rate Pompey a 4.5 Military for Imperial Faction Leader and Crisis Leader.

If the ruling coalition has more governorships than available senators, allocate governor to faction with fewest overall votes. They assign governor normally. If there is a second, governor, provide to second fewest overall votes, then third, then first, etc. in rotation.

See also the Official Avalon Hill Errata of February 15, 1994 (Web-Grognards).

Founding Fathers is a game in the same style set in early America
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