Questions and Answers

Sun Jul 7 12:22:15 PDT 2002

Thanks for the answers provided by Steffi Hüttig of Kosmos.

  1. In the original Die Siedler von Catan, Trading and Building are separate phases and all Trading must be completed before any Building begins (i.e. no ports can be used on the turn they are built). Are these phases still the same in Troja? a:yes,with the exception in the next answer

  2. Can a ship which provides a 3:1 or 2:1 trading capability (similar to a port) be used on the turn in which it is built? a:no only for the next turns

  3. At what point in the turn does the player add 1-3 cards to the conflict between Mykene and Troja? Is it correct that it should come after all building is completed? (This is important because this donation earns the player one gold which he may need to build a ship.) a:during the trading and building phases the player can add the cards.Either before building something or after this.

  4. There are 2 ships which provide special powers: (1) swap a conflict card and (2) take a conflict card. At what point in the turn does the player do this? (Presume during Trade?) a:yes

  5. When a player builds a ship, he also moves the Seevolk and is able to steal a raw materials card from another player. Since this occurs during Building, I presume this card cannot be traded. Can it be used for building? a:yes

  6. If a player builds two ships in the same turn, is he allowed to move the Seevolk twice and steal raw materials cards twice? a:yes

  7. If a player places the Seevolk on a ship which provides a player with a victory point, does this mean that the point does not count until the Seevolk is moved away? a:yes