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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 8
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Brainbox: Dinosaurs
Mindware-2008; 1-8

Players are allowed to study a dinosaur information card for ten seconds and are then asked a randomly determined question about it. Success results in keeping the card. The player having the most cards after ten minutes wins.

Patricio Peterson; SALO-2007; 2-4

Collectible card game in which humans fight to capture dinosaurs which have somehow mysteriously returned to the earth. Card types include dinosaurs, hunters, equipment and adventure.

Danger! Danger! Dinosaur
Elree Ellis; Playco Games-2016; 2-6; 60
Against reality, players are cavemen trying to live amongst dinosaurs, securing food, water and fire. They earn points via cards bearing ideas, tools, artifacts and retirement. In this press-your-luck game players may re-roll à la Yahtzee, eventually spending dice points to gain cards and tokens. Each re-roll increases the danger of a dinosaur appearance.

Dig & Play Dinosaurs World
4M-2008; 2-6; 8?
Inside this dinosaurs kit is a block containing dinosaurs which turn out to be the pieces to a roll-and-move game.

Dig That Dinosaur
Joyce Johnson & Colleen McCarthy-Evans; Pressman; 2008; 2-4; ?

Memory game in which players try to find all six parts of their dino's skeleton. Digging is represented by revealing face down cards. Educational in that real dinosaur facts are included.

Dino Dig
Robert DelBusto & Jerry Niehaus; (unpublished)-2000; 2-6

Trivia game of racing around the world to answer questions and thereby earn bone cards. A player wins by putting cards together to create a complete skeleton.

Dino Dino
Parker Brothers; 1994; 2-4
There is a plastic dinosaur with a long tail which connects to an electric cord. One can press the tail into the Dino, whereby the head and neck are raised. There is a turntable with 4 fields in four different colours and a joker field, on which all colors are shown. The colors are identical to those on the gem stones.
Each player gets a gem stone of each color. On his turn, each player turns the disk to determine a color. If one has jewels of this color, he puts them into the neck of the Dino. If he has none of this color, he removes jewels with a hammer, several of which may fall out. If any of these match the color, they are placed in the tail. Others must be kept by the player. The player who manages to get rid of all of his gem stones first wins.

Dino Dodg-Em
Colin Vout; Binary Arts-2000; 2

Each player starts with 3 dinosaurs on adjoining edges of a 4x4 grid. The object is to be the first to move all dinosaurs off the the other side. Prohibited are diagonal movement, jumping and entering the other's start area. Based on Dodgem.

Dino Dude Ranch
Dan Letzring; Letiman Games-2016; 2-5; 40

Players try to capture dinosaurs alive by tempting them with their favorite foods. They gain food items by rolling custom dice. They then use the Food items to purchase the dinos. They may also purchase cards that confer special abilities such as greater food production, extra dinosaurs, etc.

Dino Hunt
Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games-1996; 2-4

Collectible card game with booster packs; is said to have more real dinosaur information in it than Dinosaurs of the Lost World. Players travel back in time to capture different dinosaurs. Easy to learn and quick to play. The boxed set comes with 109 cards, as well as two booster packs and 4 plastic dinosaurs to use as playing pieces. The cards have information about the dinosaurs on them. Known as Dino Jagd in Germany.

Dino Match Card Game
(unknown); Pavilion-1991; 2-4; 20

Sort of a Rummy game in which players try to collect the head, tail and body cards necessary to fully complete pictures of dinosaurs.

Das Dino-Quiz
Peter Schurzmann; Spiel Spass-2001; 2-6; 30

Trivia game including six hundred questions which includes short descriptions of over seventy types of dinosaurs.

Dino Race
Roberto Grasso; Ares Games/Devir/Heidelberger Spieleverlag/Intrafin Games-2014; 2-4; 30

Award-winning card game of racing dinosaur couples.
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Dinofarm Buildgame: Let's Build the Mezoic Creature Farm
(unknown); Pick and Play-2011; 2-4; 45

In this card game players are dinosaur ranchers who raise their dinos via card play.

Dinofarm Buildgame: Open Amusement Park Farm in Dinosaur Era
Can be played standalone or used to expand Dinofarm Buildgame: Let's Build the Mezoic Creature Farm. Adds new rules and event cards.

Dinosaur Chess
Richard Oldham; American River-1993; 2

Not chess with dinosaur pieces, but a simple little game that has to do with shifting continents, etc.

Dinosaurier Quiz-Spiel
Sandra Dochtermann, Bärbel Oftring, Markus Reichert; Kosmos-2005; 2-4; 20

Trivia game with a gambling aspect. There are sixty-four questions on cards. A player who can answer both questions on a card keeps the card for a point; if the first answer is wrong, however, the next player can wager a betting card that he can answer correctly, either losing the betting card or gaining the question card.

Dinosaurs and Things
Dr. Paul H. Izenberg and Michele Kotowicz; Aristoplay-1986; 2-4

A trivia game based on the Trivial Pursuit model, but oriented to dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Gotta Love Me
Milton Bradley-1991; 2-4

Game for children ties into a television program. All the members of the baby dinosaur's family race to feed him by collecting creatures to store in the refrigerator.

Dinosaurs of the Lost World
Mick Uhl; Avalon Hill-1987; 2-6

Said to have similarities to Careers. There is also a simplified ruleset for young children. Older players may get bored with it once they learn which strategies work. The game is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World novel.

Escape from T-Rex Island
David Cheng; (web-published)-2015; 2-4 45

Each players controls the fates of three exploration teams trying to escape a T-Rex. A turn consists of two actions, meaning only two teams move each turn. In addition to the main predator, they must also beware other kinds of dinosaurs, including from the air. They attempt to collect food, weapons and photographs as they go to score points. Most activities, such as movement and taking a photo occur via cardplay. Drawing a card from the deck is also an action.

Ron van Dalen; Mücke Spiele-2011; 2-4; 35

Tile placement game of assembling fossils and gems. The size and type of a collections determines the winner.

David Wells; Bütehorn-1979; 2

Pure abstract in which players vie to control the most area on an abstract grid. Tokens are placed on the intersection points of lines. Up to five adjacent ones form a group. Groups can attack other groups by being larger. The result is placement of a hindrance token which limits the smaller group's expansion possibilities.

Extinction: The Game of Ecology
Stephen Hubell; Incredible Game Company-1993; 3-6

During the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous players try to expand their herbivorous dinosaurs as much as possible by "laying eggs" but their plans are impinged by carnivores and other calamities.

Klaus Palesch; Goldsieber-1998/Rio Grande Games; 2-6

Each player represents a paleontological researcher trying to make major fossil finds. Success brings more money and fame; failure the opposite. The board is a 9x9 grid, each space of which is covered by a tile depicting a portion of a fossil. Each tile also contains a point value from 1-3. On the board are 2 stones, one of which can be moved by each player on his turn in order to claim a fossil. Fame is expended in quantity equal to the number of spaces moved. When the last tile of a particular fossil is removed, players receive points based on the number of components they have and the point values on those tiles. In addition, the player completing the fossil can exchange a tile he has collected with one of those from another player. Players who had no component in the fossil lose points which are then given to the player who had the most points in that fossil. [Pictures of Tiles]
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Reiner Knizia; Face 2 Face Games-2006; 2-4

The time is 250 million years BP, just after the great extinction. Players represent one of dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals or man trying to dominate the earth. Theme is very abstract in this tile-laying, majority-control game in which the right to place tiles depends on a roll of the dice.

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron; Living Waters-2007; 2

An anti-evolutionary game which attempts to propound the theory of intelligent design. Players move along the outside of a track by rolling the die. There are a large number of question cards which a player must answer correctly to advance. Includes two brain-shaped pawns.

Ryan Cowler; Green Couch Games-2015; 2; 15

In this fighting card game players simultaneously reveal their dinosaur cards and compare values. The higher ferocity wins and takes the opposing card for the score pile. Each card is worth a different number of points.

Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game
Milton Bradley-2001; 2-4

Includes board, 7 cardboard pawns, life chips cards, special dice and dinosaurs (T-Rex, velociraptors, pteranodons and spinosauruses). Humans are racing to escape the board; the dinosaur player tries to stop them. Movement is controlled by the die, as is combat.

Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Escape Game
unknown; Parker Brothers-1993; 2-4; 30

Players try to escape from the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park by getting rid rid of all their dinosaur cards to win the round. First to win three rounds wins.

Jurassic Park III: The Spinosaurus Chase Game
Hasbro-2001; 2-4

The race game includes board, four pawns Spinosaurus pawn and deck of 48 cards using artwork from the movie. Cards are played to escape the Spinosaurus and also to move the Spinosaurus so that it can catch one's opponents, which makes final escape more difficult.

Jurassic Quest
unknown; The Wild Goose Company-1999; 2-4; 30

Roll-and-move game of trivia and puzzle building in which players must avoid lava, swamps, and a tar pit. Includes a disaster die (lightning bolt, T-Rex and 4 blank sides), 132 Question cards, 33 Disaster cards, and a sheet of static-cling lava pieces.

apatosaur card
Jurassic Wars
Antony Brown; Dice Maestro-2009; 2-5

Dinosaur fighting game. Hits are scored by rolling dice. Card images are said to be computer-generated and very attractive. This company's products are produced entirely in the UK.

Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs
Julian Courtland-Smith; Waddingtons-1985; 2-4

Explorers of a lost valley must dodge dinosaurs and a volcano to collect ancient treasure.

Lost World, The: Jurassic Park Game
Milton Bradley-1996; 2-4

Includes cardboard buildings, pawns, helicopter and plastic dinosaurs (T-Rex and velociraptors). Human players try to escape the board via the helicopter while the dinosaur players try to stop them. Movement is controlled via dice.

Mass Extinction
unknown; Dinexco Inc.-1992; 2-6

The board shows a track over which players move their pawns, propelled by die rolls. Each one represents a different type of dinosaur. Some spaces grant dinosaur eggs or food tokens while others are perilous, e.g. natural disasters. In addition, it's possible, via cards, to be attacked by other dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs have reached the end of the track, the Mesozoic Era ends and the player having the most eggs wins.

Monopoly: Dinosaur Edition
USAopoly; 2-8

This edition includes facts about dinosaurs and tokens shaped like fossils in the form of egg, footprint, skeleton, claw and two skulls.

Monopoly: Jurassic World
USAopoly; 2-8

Includes collectible tokens, special money, and a custom board.

Monsieur Bons; (web-published)-2013; 2-6; 30

Print-and-play card game of playing and mutating dinosaurs. When the volcano and meteor cards appear the K-T event is not far away.

Numbers League: Dinosaurs Expansion
Ben Crenshaw; Bent Castle Workshops-2011; 2-4; 30

Expansion deck including 21 dinosaur superheroes for the non-dinosaur game Numbers League.

Steven "Razlo" Bailey; Breaking Games-?; 2-4; 20

A fantasy fighting card game featuring armored dinosaurs.

Jack Darwid; Indie Boards and Cards-2014; 2-5; 15

Dice-rolling game in which dinosaurs attack, heal and customize.

Robots vs. Dinosaurs
(unknown); Wiggles 3D-2013; 2; 15

Dice-rolling combat game in which players either attack or use a special power to claim dice which are the goal.

Terrible Lizards
(unknown); (unknown)-2015; 2-4

Card game of building your own dinosaur and fighting it against your opponent's.

Das Wissensduell - Dinosaurier
Stephanie Rohner & Christian Wolf; Moses Verlag-2007; 2-4; 30

"Knowledge Duel - Dinosaurs" is a German trivia game with 100 questions on 100 cards. Each card suggests ten different answers and each player must choose a different one. The correct answer gets the card; seven cards wins.

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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