Spotlight on Games
Print on Demand Games
by Rick Heli
Founding Fathers
Politics in the early American Republic starting with George Washington in the executive chair and continuing to the possible outbreak of the Civil War. Includes every statesman who ever ran for president, all the vice presidents, several more besides and every major issue of the period including wars, tariffs and every state admitted as you build the map of a new nation. For 3-6.
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Founding Fathers: Offices & Statesmen
This expansion to Founding Fathers adds more Statesmen and Offices. There are also rules for High Tension elections that reflect the torrid situation in 1860, a Historical Factions variants for all existing scenarios plus two-player and even solitaire rules. New, more powerful Action cards offer even more scope for intrigue. Plus there are extra cubes in case you're always running out. For 1-6. (Requires the Founding Fathers base game to play.)
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Rome in Crisis
A card game of the Ancient Roman Empire in a turbulent period period when Rome was beset by invaders from several sides. Each player controls a number of imperial candidates whom they try to push to the top position to gain honor and prestige by solving some of Rome's many crises before quickly yielding to the next emperor. For 2-4.
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Italian Rails
An Empire Builder-style crayon rails games set in Italy with ferries to its large islands. Removes the fiddliness of chips and employs the public-locking system whereby players share contracts in a reasonable way. Each contract card has the lowest-paying demand at the top and the highest at the bottom. A pleasant, short experience for two in the land of Dante and Caesar.
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