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Tue Dec 23 00:06:28 UTC 2008
Deukalion Expansions
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Whirlpools of Charybdis Expansion

The Charybdis was a shapeless sea monster of Antiquity. She swallowed seawater three times a day before belching it back out again. This created dangerous sea whirlpools which all sailors feared. Charybdis was originally a sea nymph and daughter of Poseidon. However, when she stole Heracles' cattle, as a punishment Zeus turned her into a sea monster with huge maw.

The three whirlpool tiles are cut out and placed on the edge of the play area next to the the following areas: between Styx and Corinth, beside Halicarnassus next to Cyprus.

How is the whirlpool used?

Optional for experienced players:
During set-up, the whirlpools can also be placed adjacent to any other sea spaces as described above.

Theseus – Conqueror of the Minotaur Expansion

Every year, as a tribute to Crete, some Athenian children are condemned to be sacrifices to the Minotaur. Secretly, Theseus makes his way to Crete, puts an end to this cruel ritual and kills the bull-headed stepson of King Minos in his labyrinth. Now you need to retrieve the hero Theseus from Crete! If you prove yourself worthy, he will fight for you and count as an additional victory point!


How do I get Theseus? How does Theseus help me? Required materials: 1 large or small, Carcassonne figure of an easy to distinguish color (e.g. black)

Authors: Arno Steinwender & Wilfried Lepuschitz. Graphics: Andreas Resch

One time edition of the Österreichischen Spielemuseums for the SPIEL '08 games fair in Essen, Germany. Web: www.spielemuseum.at