Distant Seas

Quick Rules to the Contemporary Scenario


  1. Each player takes the GC1 ship in his color.
  2. Each player also takes the Bid/Fortune markers in his color.
  3. Divide Cargo cards by type, shuffle and place face up in the corresponding continents.
  4. Divide the Ballast cards into stacks of 1 and 5 and place on marked areas.
  5. Divide the Bullion cards into stacks of 1 and 5 and place on marked areas.
  6. Shuffle the Fortune deck and place face down in the marked area.
  7. Use the dice to pick the first player.
  8. First player places a Ship at any seaport, usually one where there is a cargo and takes a turn.
  9. Then the second player clockwise places a ship at any seaport and so on.

The Turn:

  1. Player rolls the dice once for each ship he owns.
  2. If the result is 2, 3, 11 or 12, draw a fortune card and obey results.
  3. Each ship is moved in any order, but may not interleave. Movement includes loading and unloading.




Buying and Selling Ships

Victory Conditions:

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