Empires of the Middle Ages
Summary for the Decision Games 2nd edition

New Units

Creation Fort. Endeavor; 2g, no extra Fort. Endeavor; 4g, no extra Rule Endeavor; 4g, no extra
Maintenance 1g at end of round1g at end of roundfree
Movement Move before event draw.
Player movement points = Combat stature.
By sea if Seafaring, up to 3 zones, 1g per zone
never move never move
  • Each 1 adds +1 for/against Conquest or Pillage from/at its base.
  • 1 can be burned in exchange for -1 social state loss in Conquest or Pillage.
  • Converts its area to Seafaring.
  • Extends sea range by 1.
  • Base may not be attacked by sea unless attacker has at least as many fleets.
  • Cathedral: +1 for Ruling, +1 for Conversion
  • Commerce: +1g for Taxation
  • University: +1 Ruling results become +2 instead
  • Palace: May rule all areas with palaces in one endeavor, gold spent per area
  • Also Lost if its area is lost.Lost if its area is lost.
  • One type per area.
  • If conquered, palaces destroyed; commerce & university captured; cathedral/mosque captured if same religion.
  • If area becomes independent, all but palace preserved.
  • Pillager can burn 1 in exchange for -1 social state change. Pillager receives 1g.
  • Notes on New Event Cards:

    Created: 18-Sep-04