Lords of the Renaissance

Quick Rules

Sea Movement:

Land Movement:

Naval Transport:

Land Combat:

Fleet Combat:

Looting and Captives:



The Pope can ...


  1. Each player is randomly dealt one of the L7-L23 leader cards.
  2. The player places his corresponding counter in the city listed on the card.
  3. Each player places his L card on the stature 2 block of the calendar (player mat).
  4. Each player chooses an Imperial L1-L6 and C1-C6 pair in order, L7 ... L23
  5. Each player places his Imperial L card on the stature 4 block of the calendar.
  6. The player takes the counters corresponding to his empire.
  7. Place a spare counter of this color on the Spring 1 block of the calendar.
  8. Two coins are placed under each L7-L23 counter.
  9. Emperors have their stature 4 side face up.
  10. Leaders at Azov and Alexandria have their stature 3 side face up.
  11. All other leaders are at stature 2.
  12. All 23 leaders are placed, with coins, on map in the city listed on their green cards.
  13. Each empire places its caravans in its capital.
  14. Each empire places its ships at the imperial port shown on the map.
  15. Each player receives a bank counter of his aligned color (except Ivan and Khushcadam).
  16. Bank counters are placed on the map in the city specified on the L card (on red "stacked coins" icon).
  17. A pirate ship is placed in Venice and Genoa. (These ships are controlled by these powers if in the game.)
  18. Player gold is removed from the board and stored on the C card on their calendar.

Victory Conditions:

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