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Under the Shadow of the Dragon Quick Reference
February 24, 2009

Special Locations:

Tile R - Smithy (R2): Up to 2 artificial health points of damaged shield, armor or armor vest (not the magic cloak or ring) can be repaired by sitting out one turn per point repaired.
Tile S - City of the Mages: The actual city at S1 can only be reached via teleporters from S3, S4, S5 or S6. A hero entering one of these spaces may, as an Action, immediately roll a die. The hero figure is placed on the space corresponding to the number rolled, i.e., only arriving at S1 on a roll of 1. In this attempt, each blue experience cube permits rolling an additional die for teleportation.
Leaving S1, the player chooses any of S3, S4, S5 or S6 without rolling the die. This costs you one movement point and movement may continue on the same turn.
Any hero on S2 rolls a die. On a 1 (1-2 if the Garbage Dump tile has appeared there) the player draws a random City of the Mages counter. Leaving this space is an Action; the player rolls for the teleporter.
A player who ends at S1 may call a market. Shuffle the City of the Mages counters and draw four of them. The player may buy any or all of these and/or may offer them to other players, all of this in any order. The printed prices are non-negotiable. For each item sold to an opponent, the seller receives a commission of 1 gold piece. Unsold items are returned to the rest of the City of the Mages counters.
Tile U - Labyrinth: A hero entering any of the four corner spaces (even on the last movement point) may immediately roll a die and be transported to the space corresponding to the number rolled. Whenever inside the Labyrinth, roll the die once per round and be likewise transported again.
Tile V - Dragon's Cave: The normal entrance point is at space 10. The holder of the Rope can alternatively use entrance at space 1.
Tile W - Desert: Each time a hero ends a turn on a desert space, he loses 1 health point. Ending a turn on the W3 Caravanserai or the W6 Oasis space is an exception. If he tried and failed to find the route to space 5, he loses an additional health point
Marker Types:

Note that there are many cases when a player needs to draw a replacement counter from the bag. However, a player never makes more than one draw per player turn.

When a counter is drawn out, the player examines both sides. If it's unclear which side should be face up, note that a purely Yellow edged side or absent colored edge is never placed showing.

If the tile drawn has a location on it, it is placed there, face up. But if it's it a PA counter, it is placed on any tan space not on the hero's map tile.

Skill trials/Fighting a Marker: Life: Winning: Turn Sequence:
  1. Move. May move a number of spaces equal to the numeral on the foot icon.
    Crossing between two blue locations on map L costs 1 gold unless the boat is on the lake.
    Entering a non-tan space requires a two dice roll that is no higher than the number of the space being attempted. Failure means stopping midway on the path and rolling again next turn. If this also fails, reach the other side and stop. Resume normal movement next turn.
    Must stop moving if you hit a PA or enemy counter, or run out of movement points.
  2. Combat.
  3. Other Actions. Actions you can take, in order, are
    1. Use the place (at most once)
    2. Encounter a green marker (at most once)
    3. Accept task (at most one)
    4. Fulfil task(s)
  1. For the first game, arrange the map tiles in a 3x3 box alphabetically with R at the top left and Z at the bottom right. Align all so that the small arrow points in the same direction. (In subsequent games it's okay to arrange the tiles in any desired way, even in shapes other than a square.)
  2. Each player chooses a hero. Special notes on those available only in German editions:
    Amazon/Gladiator - can re-fight a lost combat at cost of 1 health.
    Bard - may ignore any red-bordered marker
    Centaur - cannot carry armor or wear sandals
    Flink(a) - has a special Thieving skill which is fixed at 7 and can apply any green experience cubes when using it to steal any item (including gold), but not clues, from another hero in the same location. But if the roll is failed, the hero loses 1 health point. Using Thieving counts as an action, not a fight.
    Galahad - can pick up covered Grail Clues without trial. Takes clues from open counters normally (i.e. by defeating the creature, delivering a Solution Stone, or a successful trial).
    Gnome - can add two skill values before rolling any test. Any difficulty modifier is only applied once. Use the dice number from any one of the skills. When fighting an Enemy with a gray spot, can do this only if the two skills are tied for least number of experience cubes.
    Morgaine - finds all hidden paths (green, yellow, red) without trial and crosses the lake without payment.
    Shaman - can add 1 vs gray spot creatures and has +1 for non-combat magic.
  3. Players put correct amounts of gold and health points on their hero sheets.
  4. Find the Dragon counter and place it on V9.
  5. The rest of the public counters, which have text on both sides, are placed in the bag.
  6. The adventures, which have PA on one side, are shuffled up. Put one each on opposite entry spaces of each map tile, alternating in the north-south and east-west directions.
  7. The City of the Mages counters are placed face down nearby.
  8. Each player gets a wooden house and places it on either T2 or X2 along with their figure.

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