To the Green Fields Beyond Summary
  • Attacks not requiring Supply Points:
    1. company or battalion sized units
    2. counterattacks on CRT
    3. S.O.S
  • GTI, no British supply point expenditure
  • German counterattack GT, no line to depot needed if have Current Issue Supply
  • Effects of being Unsupplied: Variable Supply (11.8)
  • Tanks break down on a 1-2 on first turn, 1 on later turns.
  • Broken down tanks are 0-0-4 and no ZOC.
  • Repair may occur within 2 hexes of Metz or Gouzeaucourt
  • Must roll a "6"

  • First turn Surprise for British - 1 column shift on all attacks and overruns

  • Continuous line from xx01 to xx34 not important in scenario 25.1.
  • Cavalry Commitment:
  • On GT 1, Movement Phase I, British roll 1 die for each cavalry division: 1-2: may not move that movement phase
    3-4: may be moved, but cannot enter German trench
    5-6: may be moved freely
  • On GT 1, Movement Phase II, British roll 1 die for each cavalry division: 1-2: may not attack; may not move any further east
    3-6: may be moved normally
    (doesn't apply on GT 1 to 0-1-12 battalions or to Canadian Brigade)
  • On GT 2, Movement Phase I, British roll: 1-2: all divisions move freely 3-4: 1 division must move as quickly as possible to hexes 9 or more west of British front line trenches and remain there 5-6: same as 3-4 except 2 divisions
  • Divisions sent back must remain until British rolls 1-3 for each (does not apply to artillery cavalry)
  • Bridges:
  • Can be crossed by all
  • No tanks
  • Only infantry & cavalry
  • Only infantry -
  • British mobile bridges are A
  • Wait 1 move phase to emplace
  • May not be enemy unit adjacent to emplace or removed
  • Max. no. of constructed bridges (type C) = 2.
  • Occupy both ends with infantry (no enemies in ZOC).
  • Same procedure for dismantling.
  • Enemy demoliton possible (1 for A; 1-2 for A-C)
  • Reinforcements:
  • Enter in columnn.
  • German Cambrai reinforcements blocked if
    1. even 1 British unit is in Cambria
    2. British units are on connecting railway

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