Tuchulcha Summary
  1. Start with 8 pawns on the temple of your color (9 if < 4 players).
  2. No special way to choose the start player.
  3. Roll 2 dice, may add a third if doubles achieved.
  4. Must move pawns off the tri-lobed spaces first. These triple strength.
  5. Horseshoe spaces double strength.
  6. Must use as many dice as possible -- may ignore rule about moving off triple spaces first if it permits more dice to be used.
  7. Hit pawns go to the forest and never return.
  8. A pawn which hits has to stop moving (except: Tuchulcha).
  9. Stopping on an on-board swirl is just like being hit.
  10. Do not need exact roll to reach goal.
  11. Become Tuchulcha by moving to the swirl 2 of your forest and/or goal pawns and a third from forest/goal/temple. Any of player's pawns in goal go to forest.
  12. Tuchulcha wins if all other viable pawns are destroyed. He is eliminated if even one reaches the goal after he becomes Tuchulcha. He cannot be hit, rolls 4 dice discarding 1, need not stop after a hit, never enters goal.
  13. Lasa Vacuvia may be chosen if someone has chosen Tuchulcha. Transfers all his pawns from goal and forest to the 4-pointed star. Must have at least 4 pawns still in play. If nothing on 4-pointed star, pick any and place there.
  14. Landing on a swirl, Lasa's pawns place a wooden seal on it, then go to the 4-pointed star. Wins by closing all 4. Out of game if insufficient pawns to do the job.
  15. Lasa is sent to the forest if hit by Tuchulcha, back to temple if hit by by others. Only moves on unoccupied spaces, skipping occupied ones without counting them.
  16. Anyone down to 1 pawn disregards a die if it forces overshoot of the goal.
  17. If Tuchulcha is knocked out, player who did it can immediately become Tuchulcha. Or anyone else can later, but each time requires one additional pawn on the swirl (from any source) and each "normal" player has to have at least 2 pawns in play.
  18. If no Tuchulcha, game ends when first player's last pawn goes to the goal or forest. Player with most in the goal wins. If tied, player with fewer in the forest wins.

Thu May 11 05:42:50 UTC 2006