Warrior Knights
Notes on the Board Game
Sun Apr 28 19:32:57 PDT 2002

Easily Missed Rules

  1. Options are optional, i.e. purchaser need not buy the whole set. [4/3 Example]
  2. Attending the Assembly is determined secretly. [4/4]
  3. If the Veto player is absent, no one has the Veto power. [4/5]
  4. Overseas cities do not confer votes.
  5. Private Motions occur before anything else. [5/3]
  6. A player may only receive one office per Assembly. [5/7/1]
  7. At the start of the game, nobles may begin at their home castles. [3/4]
  8. Votes at the Assembly are secret. In the case of positions, each player votes for a Baron. [5/9]
  9. New Fleets always sail. [7/1]
  10. Anyone in a province with a road in it is considered to be on the road. [11/10]
  11. Factions may not combine in attacks. [11/15]
  12. Castles are worth 100 in defense. [13/1/2]
  13. AR should have an effect on the attackers when storming a city.

Created February 1, 1987.