Variant for the board game

Goal of the Variant

The idea is to improve the card swapping feature. At present, unless using Variant A the rules which permit turning in a trip coupon in order to swap out a difficult expedition card seems mainly placebic: might make you feel better in a losing situation, but doesn't actually help anything. In practice, no player ever uses them in the many games that we have played.

It seems the game underestimates the value of trip coupons. The implication is that they are just another turn, but really they are quite a bit more valuable than that. The variant seeks to make the card swap a viable feature of the game by reducing its cost.

Rule Changes

As an additional turn option, instead of placing the initial arrow, a player may exchange a research mission without paying a trip coupon.

Also, if a player has the right to place a free arrow by virtue of having ended an expedition at a green dot, he may instead of placing the arrow exchange a research mission without paying a trip coupon.

Also ...

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