Fische Fluppen Frikadellen Two-Player Variant
for the board game created by Friedemann Friese, 2F-Spiele

The two-player game pretty much works fine as it is, but it can become a bit of a footrace. The following alterations are intended to vary the strategic options more.
  1. Unlimited knapsack. You are not limited to carrying just seven items. In your rucksack you can carry all you like.
  2. No volume discount. When you buy items from a merchant, the cost is always exactly the current level on the big board. Do not deduct from the price based on the number of items present.
  3. Ferry from anywhere. You may pick up a ferry from anywhere and move it to any landing.
  4. Loitering. Except for the fetish dealer, you may visit the same merchant again and again simply by staying on the location.
Try them and see what you think. Perhaps you will want to alter them further.
Sun Feb 2 19:56:39 PST 2003