Klunker - Klunk Him

[Klunker variant for two]

in which a virtual player is created

Setting up:

Set up as normal, but set up and deal cards off to the side for a third player position as well. This is the virtual player.

Playing the game:

The game proceeds as normal with a few exceptions. The human players proceed as normal. The virtual player take actions according to the following rules:

  1. Placing cards into the show window:

    During this phase the virtual player always places last, regardless of its place in the turn order. The virtual player's hand cards are revealed and the two players together make the following determinations.

    Cards the virtual player will save are all of the following:

    1. Cards matching those already in its safe (but not matching cards whose total when combined between safe and hand do not exceed 4).
    2. Matching cards in hand which total 2, 3 or 4.

    4 Cards rule: However, the virtual player will never cause more than 4 cards to be present in the show window. Should the above rules indicate that this should occur, choose the cards to be placed, if any, randomly.

    The virtual player places into its show window any cards it does not decide to save except that cards not placed into the show window via the 4 Cards rule are not placed into the safe either.

    If no cards would be placed into the window and the window is empty:

    1. Randomly choose one that matches a card in any safe
    2. If this does not choose a card, simply choose one randomly.

    If no cards would be placed into the window and the window is not empty, the virtual player simply does not add any cards to the window.

  2. Placing cards into the safe:

    In this phase the virtual player takes its turn in normal order:

    1. It places into its safe a card which matches a card already there.
    2. If none of its hand cards match this criterion, it places any of its cards into the safe.

  3. Buying:

    Taking its turn in normal order, the virtual player buys

    1. from the player (including itself) offering cards which have the most matches with the contents of his safe. (Matches which would exceed 4 in number for a set do not count.)
    2. from no one if no player is offering matches and the virtual player is not required to buy
    3. such that the virtual player minimizes the number of cards which do not match cards in its safe, if there is a tie
    4. from a player who has already purchased, if still tied
    5. from a player who is offering the fewest non-matching lions (i.e. not matching lions in the virtual player's safe), if yet still tied
    6. from a player chosen at random.

  4. End of the Game

    The game ends and is scored normally. Be careful not to let the virtual player win.

Fri Jul 14 07:35:23 UTC 2006
Rick Heli