Maharaja Variant

Revised Turn Record Chart

  1. (1500-1200 BC): 6 Aryans-1 (Afghanistan:Yellow); 6 Aryans-2 (Central Asia:Green).
    Major Invasion: Aryans-1, Aryans-2.
  2. (1200-900 BC): 6 Aryans-3 (Central Asia:Purple).
  3. (900-600 BC): 6 Ayrans-4 (Central Asia:Blue).
  4. (600-450 BC): 6 Persians (Afghanistan:Purple).
    Boats: Aryans-1.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  5. (450-350 BC): Boats: Aryans-1.
  6. (350-250 BC): Aryans-1 on the mainland convert to Mauryans (Yellow), those on Ceylon to Sinhalese (Yellow). Chandra Mauryan leader.
    6 Greeks led by Alexander (Afghanistan:Green).
    At the end of the Greek turn, Greeks count victory points and then remove Alexander and two armies.
    Boats: Mauryans.
  7. (250 BC-150 BC): Any Mauryans newly on Ceylon convert to Sinhalese (Yellow).
    Ashoka Mauryan leader.
    8 Bactrians (Central Asia:Purple). Major Invasion: Bactrians.
    Boats: Mauryans.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  8. (150 BC-50 BC): At start of turn Ashoka removed and Mauryans split into 4 kingdoms (reset Mauryan population counter).
    8 Scythians (Central Asia:Yellow).
    Major Invasion: Scythians.
    Boats: Cholas.
  9. (50 BC-50 AD): 6 Kushans (Central Asia:Blue); 4 Kushans (China:Blue).
    Kanishka Kushans leader.
    Major Invasion: Kushans.
    2 Persians (Afghanistan:Purple).
  10. (50-150 AD): Victory Points: All nations.
  11. (150-250 AD):
  12. (250-350 AD): Magadha convert to Guptas (Yellow). Chandra Gupta leader.
    3 Persians (Afghanistan:Purple).
    Kushans no longer have population growth.
    Major Invasion: Guptas.
    Boats: Cholas, Guptas.
  13. (350-450 AD): 8 Ephthalites (Afghanistan:Blue)
    Major Invasion: Ephthalites.
    Boats: Cholas, Guptas.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  14. (450-550 AD): Guptas split into kingdoms of Malwa (Yellow), Rajputanas (Purple) and Guptas of Magadha (Green) (reset Malwa and Guptas of Magadha population counters).
    Ganges area incomes reduced to two.
    Boats: Pandyas, Cholas.
  15. (550-650 AD): 3 Tibetans (Tibet:Green).
    Boats: Pandyas, Cholas.
  16. (650-750 AD): 4 Muslims (Persia:Blue) (reset population counter).
    Boats: Pandyas, Cholas.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  17. (750-850 AD): 8 Muslims (Afghanistan:Blue).
    Boats: Pandyas, Cholas, Sinhalese, Muslims.
  18. (850-950 AD): Boats: Pandyas, Cholas, Sinhalese, Muslims.
  19. (950-1050 AD): 2 Chola reinforcements, Rajaraja Chola leader, 8 Muslims (Afghanistan:Blue).
    Major Invasion: Muslims.
    Boats: Pandyas, Cholas, Sinhalese, Muslims.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  20. (1050-1125 AD): Boats: Muslims.
  21. (1125-1200 AD): Aybak Muslim leader, 4 Mughals (Afghanistan:Green) (reset population counter).
    Boats: Muslims.
  22. (1200-1275 AD): 3 Ahoms (Burma:Yellow)
    Boats: Muslims.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  23. (1275-1350 AD): Boats: Muslims.
  24. (1350-1425 AD): 6 Mughals led by Timur (Central Asia:Green).
    At the end of the Mughal turn, Mughals count victory points and then remove Timur and two armies.
    Boats: Muslims.
  25. (1425-1500 AD): 10 Mughals (Afghanistan:Green) led by Babur. Boats: Muslims.
    Victory Points: All nations.
  26. (1500-1575 AD): 4 Mughals (Afghanistan:Green), Akbar Mughal leader.
    2 Portuguese (Arabian Sea:Green) (reset population counter) led by Albuquerque.
    Sanga Rajput leader.
    Major Invasion: Mughals.
    Boats: Muslims.
  27. (1575-1650 AD): 2 Portuguese (Arabian Sea:Green).
    2 Dutch (Indian Ocean:Yellow).
    2 British (Arabian Sea:Purple) (reset population counter).
    Victory Points: All nations.

Last update: 7-Oct-98