Plunder Variant

Modify the printed rules and cards as follows:

  1. Cards drawn during the turn are saved and not examined until the turn is over.
  2. Playing a card on the opponent to the left is only permitted if that player currently has more treasury than any other player. (Put the treasure box in front of this player as a reminder.)
  3. A player wins by achieving 100 rather than 60 silver.
  4. If a player's ship goes down, he draws 6 cards immediately and ends his turn.
  5. Player ships may not combat one another. Players may engage in duels with their opponents, however (see below).
  6. The Mutiny rules are ignored.
  7. Duels. As an additional action option, a player may challenge another player to a duel if both are in the same port. The challenged player may offer cash and/or goods to the challenger in order to avoid the duel. But if the two players cannot agree, both choose a hand card and reveal them simultaneously. If the challenger plays the higher card then he wins; otherwise he loses. Now draw the top card from the deck. The loser pays the winner the amount of silver printed in the top corner of the card. (Draw again if the card lacks a number.) If the loser cannot pay the full amount, he also gives over cargo valued at the current port's sell price until the difference is made up. If he still cannot pay, he also hands over his first mate. Note that no player may start a duel on his first turn.
  8. Several cards are modified as follows:
    (addition) A player may add one card to help against the Kraken.
    Pirate Fleet:
    (change) Turn up the top card from the deck to see the size of the bribe which the Pirate Fleet demands. If you are unwilling to pay, you may still fight.
    Rough Seas:
    (change) Instead the player loses 25% of his cargo, rounded in his favor.
    (change) The player does not lose a turn. Instead, he keeps the card and must sail directly toward the nearest port without diversion. He may choose the speed, and also the port if several are equidistant. Until the port is reached, his crew value is halved, rounded down.
    Stand Trial!:
    (change) Each player chooses a card and all are revealed simultaneously. If the "defendant's" card is not the highest, he loses 10 silver, any first mate and his ship.
    (change) The amount that must exceed 15 is the ship's Speed plus 10 minus the amount of cargo the ship is carrying. In addition, do not re-shuffle the deck. Instead simply re-shuffle when the deck runs out.
    Voodoo Curse:
    (change) When the victim of the curse loses his card, he draws a new one from the top of the card deck and uses this one instead. (A card without a number is treated as a zero.)

December 23, 2005
Created September 4, 2005