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Empires of the Ancient World Analysis
Fri May 7 23:36:59 UTC 2010
How to target each particular type of component.

This is described with more detail below. Sometimes some card types are better than others. In this case, the best ones are listed on the first line and those that are second best in the second.

Fighting ...Use ...
Archers 1. Light Horse, Artillery
2. All but Elephants
Artillery1. Foot Skirmisher, Light Horse, Cavalry or Heavy Cavalry
2. Galley, Pike, Siege Tower, Spear, Sword, Warband
Cavalry 1. Pike, Spear(7), Heavy Cavalry
2. Elephants
Elephants1. Archers, Light Horse
2. Foot Skirmishers, Pike, Spear, Sword
Foot Skirmishers1. Light Horse
2. Heavy Cavalry
Galley 1. Stronger Galley, Sword or Spear
Heavy Cavalry 1. Elephant, Pike (7)
Light Horse 1. Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry
2. Pike, Spear, Sword, Warband
Pike 1. Sword, Siege Tower
2. Foot Skirmisher, Warband
Siege Tower 1. Siege Tower + Engineer
Spear 1. Siege Tower
2. Warband, Heavy Cavalry
Sword 1. Warband, Siege Tower
2. Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry
Warband 1. Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Siege Tower

Notes on the Six Starting Armies

Northern Armies

Each of these armies has a Sword-6, a Cavalry-6, a Foot Skirmisher and a Galley-6. From there, they start to differ. Note that no northern army has any specialized cavalry.

Southern Armies

Common elements here are Cavalry-6 and once again, both Foot Skirmishers and Galleys. No southern army has any Sword or Pike.

Also ...

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