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Kung Fu 2100
Strategy Notes
With so many different ways to set up the Clone Master forces the experience may at first be somewhat bewildering. Here is one suggested setup which has worked in the past.

Clone Master
in top right corner of Clone Master Library/Study

J-1 in Main Biological Lab - in space between two tanks
J-2 in Jelly Ready Room - bottom middle space
J-4 in Overlook Corridor - bottom
J-5 in Upper Main Corridor - on the word "MAIN"
J-6 in Main Biological Lab - on the word "LOGICAL"
J-7 in Main Biological Lab - on the word "LAB"
J-9 in Jelly Ready Room - upper right
J-10 in Dining Nook - on the word "NOOK"

2 in Servant's Quarters - 1 just above the space that meets the door, 1 just left of that space
1 in Dining Area - middle space closet to Lower Main Corridor
1 in Kitchen - bottom right corner
2 in Servants' Work Area - top left corner, just below top left corner
2 in Clone Master Bedroom - two rightmost spaces
3 in Clone Master Library/Study - surrounding Clone Master
1 in Clone Master Exercise and Recreation Area - just right of doorway space

Armed Technicians
1 in Nucleic Surgery - bottom right corner
1 in Growth Chamber - above clone tank

2 in Nucleic Surgery - just left of and above the Armed Technician
1 in Central - next to the Loo 3 wall
2 in Tele-Recording and Processing Center - next to computer, just left of doorway space
2 in Computer - next to computers
1 in Growth Chamber - left of the Armed Technician

The Course of Play
  1. Early on, block all 4 squares of the Overlook, preventing Terminators from attacking except in one spot (from the Jelly Ready Room). Put a Jelly in the vulnerable position and a Technician from the Computer room in between.
  2. Bring the Armed Technician from Nucleic Surgery to attack in the Biological Lab. Try to maneuver the opposing Terminator into the following situation which prevents attacks on the tanks while facing two Jellies adjacent plus J-7 with spikes and the Armed Technician able to fire at range:
      J-7  J-6Ter-
      J-1  Armed
  3. Before the armed door on the Overlook is destroyed, move J-5 up behind it.
  4. Then move J-10 up behind him to slow down Terminator movement.
  5. Then flood corridor with a few servants and Technicians to prevent Terminators from moving in.
  6. Get a Technician to block access to the tank in the Growth Chamber before the Terminators enter.
  7. But keep at least a few servants inverted to preserve the mystery of the Clone Master's location.
Part of the strategy depends on preserving mystery for the opponent. Thus, for repeat plays, vary the setup by exchanging the Clone Master and Recreation Area with the Clone Master Library/Study and/or switching the Servant's Quarters with the Library/Study.
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