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Republic of Rome
Devilish Tactics

There are a lot of tactics in this game which are not apparent at first glance. Only by frequent playings of the game do some of these become apparent. And some of them are truly devilish!

Appendix: Analysis of the Early Republic War Situation
There are 8 possible wars in the Early Republic. Most Early Republic games go about 6 turns. At no time during the game may you have 4 active wars at the end of a Combat Phase. This means you can get away with having 3 by the end of turn 6 which implies that you need to defeat at least 5 during the 6 game turns you have available, which is about a war a turn. You can miss once, but if you miss twice you should attack 2 wars to make up for it.
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Founding Fathers is a game in the same style set in early America

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