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Sat Nov 7 23:03:00 MST 2015

"The Great Game" refers to the European colonial expansion into one of the last unvisited places on earth: Central Asia. In the guises of explorers and archaeologists, Great Britain's spies were dispatched into the wide area from China to the Caucasus. Meanwhile, the sleeping bear of Tsarist Russia made its slow expansion east in its own version of Manifest Destiny. The expression itself was coined by Captain Arthur Connolly of the East India Company, just before he was beheaded in Bokhara for spying. Britain was anxious to sell its cheap manufactured goods, but above all nervous about India, its only profitmaking colony, a nervousness that was to grow as the distance between the powers shrunk from 2,000 miles to a mere 20. Eventually Britain was essentially to become suckered into the conquest of Afghanistan, getting stuck there without an exit plan to its ultimate regret.

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