All-American Football Chart
Wed Apr 28 13:30:30 PDT 2004

Analysis of Offense Plays
Defensive PlaysRatings
Offensive Play7-2-26-2-37-3-16-3-25-4-25-5-3 MeanMedianMode High GainTotal GainsLow LossTotal Losses
Draw Play315555 455 2092-4-20
End Run545152 3.674.55 2499-4-10
Off Tackle551345 3.834.55 2895-2-5
Quarterback Option534534 444 Touchdown50-6-12
Quick Opener153545 3.834.55 3090-2-6
Reverse454253 3.834.54 Touchdown73-7-14
Long Pass233221 2.1722 Touchdown175Interception
Screen Pass422423 2.52.52 30153Interception
Short Pass325314 333 24144Interception
Spot Pass242432 2.52.52 Touchdown161Interception

The goal of the offense is to have the defense spinner not rest in area that corresponds to the offense play. Each defense disk is arranged in five overlapping areas with the first area being the smallest and the fifth being the largest. (Sizes vary from disk to disk.) Thus, the offensive play with the lowest numbers should theoretically have the largest chance of success. But one must also consider whether the defense is able to guess which play will be used and whether the amount of success in terms of yards gained is sufficient.

The above seems to indicate that the passes are the best plays in terms of success rate, except for the possibility of interception which are events achieved by spinning on the offense disk.