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Barbarian Kings
Key to Countermix

ID No.TypeNumber
111-115Barbarian Fleet5
121-126Barbarian Infantry6
131-136Barbarian Cavalry6
211-215Civilized Galley Fleet5
221-226Civilized Legion Infantry6
231-233Civilized Cataphractoi3
311-315Elven Fleet5
331-335Elven Cavalry5
411-416Orc Infantry6
421-424Warg Rider Cavalry4
511-516Dwarven Infantry6
611-614Feudal Infantry4
811-812Whale Folk2
951Pirate Fleet1
010King Coth, House of Evrin
020King Araden II, House of Nol
030King Fina, House of Melmil
040King Wil, House of Limoren
050King Baxx, House of Greensword

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