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Winning+20Lucky SetsBig Three Dragons3 of each Dragon (Center, Commence, White)
Lucky triplet or fourx2
SetsDouble wind triplet or fourx4 Little Four Winds3 of each of 3 Winds, pair of the fourth
Melded triplets:
    Simples+2Concealed Hand Big Four Winds3 of each of 4 Winds
    Terminals/honors +4With self-drawn tilex2
Concealed triplets: All HonorsOnly Wind and Dragon Tiles
    Simples+4Groups of Sets
    Terminals/honors+8Four triplets, including fours All TerminalsOnly 1's and 9's – four triplets and a pair
Melded fours:0, 1 or 2 concealedx2
    Simples+83 concealedx4 4 Concealed TripletsAll triplets hidden, pair may include discarded tile
    Terminals/honors+164 concealedlimit*
Concealed fours:Three concealed triplets with one sequencex2 Heavenly HandDealer goes out with hand dealt
    Terminals/honors +32 Earthly HandNon-dealer goes out on dealer's first discard or self-drawn in 1st turn
Pairs:Ways of Going Out
    Lucky tiles+2Last tile of wallx2 Nine GatesAll same suit, three 1's, 2-8, three 9's, plus one tile which matches any of these. must be concealed except last tile
    Double wind +4Last discarded tilex2
Robbing a kongx2
Supplement tile (after kong)x2 Thirteen OrphansThree different Dragons, four different Winds, three different 1's, three different 9's plus one tile which matches any of these. all but last tile must be concealed.
Last Tile of HandSpecial inclusions
Self-drawn+2Three consecutive sequencesx2
No pointsx2
Concealed HandConsistency Terminals are 1 and 9. Simples are 2-8. Honors are Winds and Dragons. Lucky tiles are the Dragons, your own wind and the prevailing wind. Double Wind means your own wind when it is also prevailing. One Chance means the match of a pair, the middle of a sequence, the 3 of 1-2-3 or the 7 of 7-8-9. No Points means only the bare 20 was earned.
With discarded tile+10All simplesx2
All terminals and honorsx2
Terminal or honor in each setx2
One suit with honorsx2
One suit onlyx16
Little three dragonsx2
*A "Limit Hand" is worth 500 and is the maximum possible score before the multiplication at left.
Multiple of final score to be paid by
How Game Endsdiscardereach playerdealer Little Three Dragons is a winning hand containing 1 triplet of each of two Dragons and a pair of the third.
If dealer goes out self-drawn---2---
If dealer goes out on a discard6------
If non-dealer goes out self-drawn---12
If non-dealer out out on a discard4------
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