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Attandarra Notes
Horst Rokitte;; 2-4
Mon Aug 16 20:32:12 UTC 2010

    Start Up
  1. At the start of the turn each player draws 2 cubes. Does that mean that each player may start 2 buildings?

    Yes, if they want to. It is also possible to place the cubes on just one building. A building needing two material cubes could be finished in this way. They may also be placed on unfinished buildings on the city board.

  2. The restrictions on building apply only within the building right? Even though you have one building that's all Stone and Glass, your next building in the same round could still start with Clay?

    That's right.

  3. What is the maximum number of chips that may be placed on a building?


  4. What if to end your turn you use up your remaining gold to draw from the bag, manage to pull a glass (which cannot be used to start a new building) and don't have any partly-completed building to place it in?

    You have to discard the glass and end the turn getting nothing.

    Handling Used Cubes
  5. When a player expends cubes, are they immediately placed back in the bag (except for the one you keep on the city seal track)?

    Yes, if a building is finished, you place them back in the bag except the one you need for the city seal track.

    Exceptional Cases
  6. What if you run out of building materials and are unable to draw 15 from the bag?

    Then there are less than 15 in this round.

    Advanced Game
    Emblems and Events
  7. A tile does not benefit from a positive event unless its row or column has an emblem?

    A tile does benefit from a positive event, if there is no emblem on its row or column. For example: if your citizen marker were on B2 and there is no emblem on column B and no emblem on row 2, then you will get two victory points. If there is an emblem on row 2, you will only get one victory point. You will have to hope, that no one starts playing emblems if there are positive events. If you play an emblem be sure, the last in line. ;-)

  8. A tile does suffer from a negative event if it does not have an emblem? Does it need 2 emblems? What is the effect of only partial protection vs. full protection?

    No effect. It is not protected until two emblems are lying in the corresponding row and column. For example: There is a citizen marker on B2 and there is an emblem on column B and an emblem on row 2 then the marker is protected. If there is only an emblem on column B, it suffers from the negative event because row 2 is not protected.

  9. To save a citizen/coin counter from fire, may it be only be moved into an adjacent tile that is completely empty?


  10. Or does it mean it just can't contain the counter that is being moved? (The rules state that the adjacent tile must be empty, but it seems that if I am saving a coin counter from the fire, it could move into an adjacent tile that has a citizen in it – it just can't have a coin in it already?)

    No, it must be completely empty.

  11. When a fire strikes and an unfinished building is burnt, those building cubes go back in the bag?

    Yes. And you have to remove the city tile.

    Red Gate (Tor) Tiles
  12. To have the gates count for 6 points each, do you need to just get one pair of gates on opposite sides of the board? (example: if a gate is on A3, one is on E3, and one is on B1, are they all worth 6 pts?


  13. Do they have to be exactly opposite from each other to get the bonus or just anywhere on opposite sides? (example: if a gate is on A3, do you need to have another gate on E3, or can it just be anywhere in the E column?)

    It can be anywhere in the E column.

  14. Gates count toward a completed building for the city seal? (If I build 3 gates, that is 3 buildings toward the city seal assessment?)

    Yes, a gate counts as a building. You have to place the stone cube on your city board.

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Special Thanks to Horst Rokitte and Dave O'Connor.