Dune - Errata

last updated Mon Nov 9 20:27:21 PST 1998

I am used to playing Dune with the following house rules:

  1. Alliances need more than 3 strongholds to win:
    1. an Alliance of 2 players needs 4 strongholds to win
    2. an Alliance of 3 players needs 5 strongholds to win
    3. Alliances of more than 3 players are not allowed

  2. Players may not transfer spice to their allies.

    (The reasoning is that this is the special power of the Emperor and so it should not ordinarily be allowed. It is true that you may be able to accomplish the same thing by use of a third-party non-ally intermediary, but on the other hand you may have to pay that party for his or her services, or that party may fail to deliver on the agreement. It seems to make for a more interesting game.)

  3. After a player has responded to the Prescience or Voice (or both), both players are free to change all the other elements of the Battle Plan.

  4. There is no special time to use the Truth Trance during Battle. It may go before the Prescience or Voice or after, but it may not be used in the middle of either of these. For example, if the Atreides were to ask a question and the querent wanted to use Truth Trance, he or she would first need to respond to the Prescience question before playing the Truth Trance.

  5. Recording game information on paper, particularly who has or might have which Treachery Cards is perfectly legal.

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