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Die Fliegende Teppich
House Rules

Building placement
Players must place buildings so that they rest at the bottom of the board. They may not float in midair.

Cloud placement
You may not create a cloud formation that places a player in a position from which they can never escape, for example, two spaces into a downwind cul-de-sac at the highest altitude level with no remaining movement adjusters. Similarly, you may not create a location, from which, due to the wind, a player would never be able to escape, except by the use of more than one movement adjuster.

Movement and obstacles
You must use all the movement of the option you choose from the card you play, but may not enter the space of any building or cloud. If the card movement would take you into the obstacle, you may not employ that option.

Movement and the wind
When applying the wind to your movement, add the movement amount indicated by the card to wind drift amount before moving and then apply just the net result.

Movement and the wind
If you have no legal move, reveal your cards, discard one and draw another. You do not move in this case. You may do this even if you would have a legal move by spending one or more movement adjusters.

Dropping through clouds
If your carpet lands on another player's carpet and you decided to drop his carpet to the bottom, it passes through any intervening clouds and continues to the bottom.

Trapping other players
When you land on another player and decide not to drop him, but to make him lose a turn, if you do not move to another space on your next turn, the trapped player may move away anyway; he does not continue to lose more turns. As a special exception, if your carpet lands on two or more carpets that are already stacked, you trap all of the carpets beneath you and in this way may cause the carpets below the now second from the top to lose more than one turn. However, in such a situation you would still trap the carpet immediately beneath you for only one turn.

More challenging race
As a variant, now the race is not just from the start to the end, but from start to end and back again. Each player must touch the end before proceeding back to the start.

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