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Hansa Teutonica
December 12, 2009

  1. What is a kontor?

    A trader or merchant placed in a city

  2. Is there any limitation on where Traders and Merchants may move?

    They can't move onto a kontor or a trade route space occupied by another player's pieces, but otherwise, no. They can go anywhere on any trade route space, moving as many pieces as allowed by their player-board progression.

  3. Can you move a resource in a kontor back onto a trade route?


  4. When you use the Move resources activity, the rules say that you can swap a merchant with a trader: this counts as 1 or 2 moves?


  5. Is the order of operations in establishing a trade route required or just an enumerated list of all the things to be done as part of that activity?

    It is the required order.

  6. Suppose you complete a route with a bonus marker, but you are unable to claim a kontor (either because the town is full, or because you don.t have sufficient privilege level). Can you still claim the route just to get the bonus marker? In other words, do you have to place a cube/disc on a town in order to get the bonus marker?

    Yes, it is possible. You may claim a Bonus marker without placing a kontor. It is also possible to claim a route just to get the points because you control both cities.

  7. Are bonus disks free to use at any time?

    Yes, but not during the activity in which you acquire the marker. The extra kontor is really only valid during the 'establishing a trade route' activity. But if you got such a bonus marker during this activity you can not use it until you use the "establishing a trade route" activity the next time. If you take a bonus marker from the board you immediately take one from the stock and place it on the tin plate. That`s important because if the stock is empty the game ends after this "establishing a trade route" activity immediately. And placing the bonus marker on the tin plate helps you not to forget to place this (or perhaps one or two more) bonus marker on the game board at the end of your turn. Bonus markers which are already placed on the board are never moved to another trade route.

  8. When a player has to refill the three bonus disks at the end of his turn, does the choice include all bonus disks in the player's possession or just the ones he drew to replace the ones he gathered from trade routes?

    You keep the bonus markers you collected from trade routes beside your personal panel. They are face up as long as you did not use the function of the bonus marker and after use they are turned face down. At the end of the game you get prestige points for face up and face down bonus markers beside your personal panel.

  9. If a displaced trader or merchant plus one or two additional resources are to be placed on an adjacent route, can more than one of these resources be place on the same adjacent route or must they each be placed on separate adjacent routes?

    The displaced piece is relocated to any empty space on an adjacent route, then you may take a piece from the general supply and add it to any empty space on an adjacent route. Both pieces are allowed to be placed on the same route if space permits.

  10. A displaced player can relocate the displaced resource plus 1 or 2 additional resources on an adjacent route. The additional resources are taken from the stock, and may be taken from the personal supply if the stock is empty, and from elsewhere on the board if the personal supply is empty. What about the player who displaces? He has to remove 1 or 2 additional resources from his personal supply to the stock. What happens if the personal supply is empty? Is he allowed to take the resource from the board instead, and to put it in the stock ?

    You may not replace if you have not the penalty for this action in your personal supply.

  11. If a player reaches or exceeds 20 prestige points, the game is supposed to end. But exactly when does this occur?

    At the end of the entire current action. So you still can get the bonus marker, can build in the city or increase your privilege (for maybe getting the prestige points for the complete development of the prestiges) and so on...

  12. When you score networks, do you score all your cities if they are connected or do you just pick one city as a hub and score all the spokes(trade routes) connected to it?

    First, not the cities but the kontors you build in the cities are scored. Second, you score all the kontors (if they are connected) of your biggest network. You may select one network of connected kontors. If you have two networks (not connected to each other) you may only score one of them. By the way you count your kontors! Thus two kontors in one city count as two.