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Errata for the game by Simulations Canada
Based on correspondence with the designer

Revised Sequence of Play

  1. Joint Productivity Phase
  2. Muslim Player Recruitment and Construction
  3. Empires Player Recruitment and Construction
  4. Muslim Player Turn
    Rebellion Determination
    Rebellion Suppression
    Khalif Fate Determination
    Civil War Determination
    Special Civil War Sequence of Play if Required
  5. Empires Player Turn
  6. Joint Conversion/Reconversion
    Muslim Conversion
    Empires Conversion
Other Rules Changes
5.4: Add to end of first sentence, "or recruits no units when they are available during a turn in which the Muslim player has units within the boundaries of the State".

6.2, line 5: Eliminate "only".

7.2: Add, "A moving unit or stack of units may not move so as to accumulate more than 60 attrition points".

7.3, line 8: Add "may not move and" between "turn" and "do".

14.2: Add at end, "If the final point total is more than 130, the Muslim player wins. If it is less than 110 points, the Empires player wins. Any other result is a draw."

14.2: Add at end, "If during any Joint Productivity Phase the Muslim player earns more than 130 points, the game ends immediately in an automatic Muslim victory.

Tue Oct 13 01:48:58 PDT 1998