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Inventor's Errata for Lords of the Renaissance

Board Game by Sierra Madre Games
REVISION: Feb 26, 1996

5.3.6 (Add) Mercenaries bought using an ally's gold must stay stacked with that leader.

5.7.2 (Change) All navies may move five seas, not four.

5.7.4 (Add) Any gold or mercenaries stacked with leaders must stay stacked with those leaders during movement, excepting emperors or player leaders, who may "drop off" gold or mercenaries.

5.7.6 LAND UNITS AT SEA (Change 2nd bullet) - To enter seas from land, and vice versa, land units must go through a port. There should be a coxoperating navy, if not in that port, somewhere within that sea.

5.7.12 INVASIONS OF NON-CONTROLLED EMPIRES (Add) However, armies thus acquired cannot attack any counters except those invading its borders, or those of the same imperial color as those who are invading.

5.7.13 CONQUEST (Change first bullet) - The vanquished empire's C card is confiscated by the vicxtorious empire (which allows the conquerer to control the vanquished empire's caravans and build using its countermix). The victorious empire can lead armies of the vanquished color with its own leaders plus control its fleets when and if the vanquished emperor is killed or captured by anyone (which discards the L card). At that point, the two empires are one.

5.11.6 PORTS IN A TRADE ROUTE (Add, to first bullet) The trade port (with the desired resources per 2.2.9) must similarly be occupied.

5.13.5 END OF GAME ROLL (Add this section) As the last action of a year, roll two die to see if the game ends suddenly. Add to this roll the number of P cards (pestilences) in the discard pile. If the modified result is 13 or more, the game ends.

6.1.5 DISCOVERING THE NEW WORLD (Add) Note: Card R3 or R4 may be matured by any empire with a rutter.

6.3.5 CRUSADES (Change first bullet) Crusades cost 10 Au of Papal money plus 5 Au of personal gold. (Add new bullet) Only one crusade may be announced.

6.4.2 END OF THE GAME (Add bullet) - The end of game roll is 13 or more, per 5.13.5.


From Fri Feb 16 20:53:06 1996
Subject: Re: additional question on LotR

Suppose a Glassmakers Guild is connected to an Edifice and the Edifice to a Sugar Plantation by valid trade routes in all cases, but that the Sugar Planation is not connected to Slaves. This means that the Sugar Plantation goes not receive its 3Au profit, but does this mean that the Edifice and the Glassmakers do not receive profit either? NO.



From Sun Feb 18 18:17:39 1996
Subject: Re: Lords of the Renaissance received

In response to your questions:

>1. About the use of navies as stepping stones. My impression is that
>the number of continuous navies which can be used as stepping stones
>is exactly one, since 5.76 says "land units must enter and leave seas
>through a port". Am I correct in this, or is it also possible to leave
>via another sea?

No, not correct. Land units may move from one sea to another via steppingstone ships. However, movement from sea to land, or vice versa, must be through a port. "land units may move from sea to land, or vice versa, though a port."

>2. Am I right to think Constantinople is only in the Sea of Marmara and
>not in the Black Sea as well?

>3. I am somewhat confused by the split role of L and C Empire cards.
>Could you verify that I have it right? The L card owner controls
>movements of the Emperor himself and any navies. The C card owner
>controls movements of any caravans.

>a.May imperial armies be moved only by the emperor?

>b.If not, which and whose leaders may move them?
Any leader may lead, if allied to the empire.

>c.Am I right that all tax income is received by the C card?
No. Does not go to C-card. Goes to the imperial treasury, as stored on the map, which can be spent by the holder of the C-card only.

>d.Am I right that all customs income is received by the C card?
Customs goes to the imperial treasury if within empire. If not, it is stored at the city where it is collected.

>e.What income may the L card receive besides occupation taxes?

>f.May each card type only purchase the type of unit it controls?
No. Imperial funds may only be spent by the holder of the C-card. Personal funds may be spend by the player in any manner he/she chooses. (Including spending for ships or caravans)

>g.May each card type only maintain the type of unit it controls? No. Imperial funds may only be spent by the holder of the C-card. Personal funds may be spend by the player in any manner he/she chooses. (including maintenance)

>4. About Satellites.
>a.Does a satellite such as Modon pay any taxes to Venice if unoccupied?
No, unless the leader in Venice is of stature 3.

>b.Or does it pay only customs duties?

>c.If the L card for Modon is purchased, does that card receive its taxes? There is no L card for Modon. Suppose if there were one, and a leader was placed in Modon, that leader would accumulate the taxes.

>d.Or do the tax monies go to Venice?
No, unless the leader is of stature 3.

>e.Does it make any difference to Modon's taxes if the Venice L card becomes
> stature 3?
Yes, see answer to question a.

Hope this helps. If there are more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Mark R. Murkes
Sierra Madre Games

From Mon Feb 26 06:06:00 1996
Subject: Re: Lords of the Renaissance questions

It sounds like the papcy got smeared. We call this the classic pap smear game. Bit of Renaissance humor here.

>After the Habsburgs conquered the Papacy, they killed the Pope
>and confiscated the C card which we presume means that the card is
>not used and not available to auction.

It also means that the holder can spend the pope's treasury to use its countermix, and move the pope's caravans.

>1. What happens to existing Papal pieces on the map? Are they removed or usable by the conqueror?

Not removed. See clarification in the attached errata.

>2. What happens to the Papal countermix? Iusable by the conquering Habsburg or removed from the game?

Usable by Habsburgs.

>3. May the conquering Habsburg use the Papal special powers, e.g. Excommunication or is this ability permanently removed from the game?

Per 6.2.6, death of the pope (since the pope has no heir) will discard his L card. If no one becomes the new pope, because the papacy is conquered, then his special powers are gone.

>4. Is there any way to reconstitute the Papal States after such a catastrophe?


We have never had problems with an end turn war, but I can see how it could happen and like your end of game suggestion. See errata.

From Wed Mar 20 06:18:57 1996
Subject: Re: Lord of the Renaissance question

The way the rules are written now (5.3.7) state that the unit is out of luck.

From Thu Mar 28 20:22:13 1996
Subject: Re: Lords of the Renaissance questions


>From heli Sun Mar 24 23:06:21 1996
>Subject: Lords of the Renaissance questions
>A couple, probably easy questions, if you have a moment:
>1. Suppose a player's personal leader (L card) dies as a result of Black
>Plague. He is supposed to discard his other C and L and M cards. So the
>question is, if he wants to bid on gaining back his C and L cards, does he
>need to bid on both of them? Or does bidding on one or the other give him
>the other one automatically? Does it make a difference if the game has
>fewer than 6 players vs. 6 or more players?
>2. Suppose a player loses his Emperor card to death, but retains the C card.
>May another player bid on that Emperor card? If the second player gains the
>Emperor card, what happens to any Empire C and L cards he may already be
> a. He may not make such a bid.
> b. He gives up the pre-existing L card only.
> c. He gives up both the pre-existing C and L cards.
> d. He gives up both the pre-existing C and L cards and
> receives the first player's C card as well.

Be sure to read last bullet to 5.2.3, and read 5.14.3.

5.14.3 PLAYER ALIGNMENT (Change, 2nd sentence) "bidder" should be "winning bidder". (Add) - A player aligning to an empire should bid separately on both the imperial C and L cards, if he wants both.

5.14.6 HERESY (Add) Emperors are immune to heresy.

So the answer is c.

>3. A question on choking trade routes in a strait. Does the army which
>is choking the route, say it's a sea route, get to choose for which routes
>using that ship it chokes the route, OR must it then choke the route for
>all routes using the same ship?

A very good question! never thought of that before! A land or navy unit denied usage of a strait per 5.11.8 cannot be used as part of a trade route through that strait for any player. Nor for naval movement of land units.

Hope this helps.