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Slasher Flick
Errata for the game by Steve Jackson Games

Unfortunately, the counter mix didn't include nearly enough dummy counters. Make up some of your own – say twenty extra – for the Bogeyman to use; this should make things more difficult for the victims. (source: FANTASY GAMER magazine)


  1. How long does a character remain "Fainted"?
    Until the Bogeyman Attack Phase of the next turn.

  2. When is a character "Stunned"?
    A character is stunned for 1 round whenever he discovers the Bogeyman or a corpse. A character can also be stunned when hit. Whenever he takes more than 5 points of damage, he is stunned 1 round for every point above 5 that the attack did. If he is stunned for 5 or more rounds, he is unconscious (fainted).

  3. Where may the Bogeyman have his lair?
    He may choose either the Cave, the Graveyard or the Tool Shed. The lair is the location of the silver pick, altar and corpses. None of these areas may be entered by the players on turns 1-3.

  4. How high may dummy counters be stacked?
    As high as the Bogeyman likes.

  5. When does a character Faint, i.e. make a Fainting roll?
    Whenever he moves next to an unrecognized corpse or Bogeyman (unrecognized).

  6. How do characters become Alert?
    When the character recognizes the Bogeyman or a corpse. If the victim is not stunned or Fainted, he may shout and Alert all other victims in the same area. If an Alert victim is the last alive in an area, he may try to escape to an adjacent area which Alerts any victims in that area. Finally, victims may be Alerted if they are placed with already Alert victims during setup.

  7. How often does the Bogeyman reset weapons and dummy counters?
    At the start of each turn, except that recognized dummy counters are out of the game and recognized weapons may not be moved.

  8. What is the advantage of being Alert?
    Alert characters can run when chased. They may pick up weapons. They may attack the Bogeyman or his dog. They may erect barricades.

  9. How many shots are there in the pistol and the bow?
    6 each – players should keep a running total.
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