Spotlight on Games
Board Game Accessories
four spice dishes
These cute spice
dishes are just the
thing to hold your
cubes and other bits
during the game.
Especially useful
at cafes or any
place table space
is limited.

deluxe wood card holder
Do some of your
games require
holding and also
organizing a
whole bunch of
cards? Check out
these deluxe card

Making a game proto-
type? You can use this
to round the card
corners – makes
shuffling easier.
octagonal game table
Do you have a
problem with
players peeking
at others' cards?
Try this octagonal
game table. Its legs
are removeable.
plastic baggie
Need more
resealable plastic
baggies for your
game bits?  Here
are 100 2"x3"
baggies for just
$1.75.  Get them
now while they're
still legal in Chicago.

Subtitled The Story
of Parker Brothers,
Tiddledy Winks
Trivial Pursuit.
Check out the 120-
year history of this
gaming pioneer.

You can gain a first
taste here.

Get four great card
games all in one
package with
and Lots More.

Included are Njet,
Willi, Was Sticht?,
itself, and a
special dragon.
Special sale on
Games Magazine
Regularly priced at
$50, a full year is
now available for
just $30. So easy
to get a great
selection of reviews,
puzzles and fun in
your mailbox on a
regular basis.
(US customers only)

Having problems
keeping the dice
on the table? Try
out one of these
attractive dice trays
and never lose a die
A Gamut of Games

Sid Sackson's classic
book of board and
card games is back
in print. Includes
rules for 38 games
both old and new,
many of which have
also been published
Inventors should
check out The Art
of Game Design:
A Book of Lenses.
book cover
Features in-depth
discussion of the
relationship between
designer, player and
game. A unique
feature are the 100
special tips, called
lenses, which are
summarized on a set
of cards for easy
reference. Topics
addressed are
psychology, story-
telling, engineering,
business and
Particularly useful
essays discuss the
aesthetics of the
Rubik's cube and
the learning curve
of a jigsaw puzzle.

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