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Update! New reviews now include a rating of High, Medium or Low in four categories: Strategy, Theme, Tactics and Evaluation. The rating is meant to indicate how important the factor is to play of the game. The meanings of these terms are construed as follows:
Strategy: Importance of long-term planning and availability of different long-term approaches.
Theme: Strength of the connection between game activities and its theme.
Tactics: Ability to generate a dramatic, big play and importance of smaller details.
Evaluation: Importance of being able to put a numeric value to situations.
Personal ratings are just that: personal, and may or may not apply to you. They range from 10 (best) down to 1. Criteria for forming them may be found here.

July 4, 2005

General Introduction

The impetus for this section is a number of questions along the lines of "what do you think of this or that game?" This seems to happen frequently enough that rather than possibly leave things out, I thought I would just try to write it all down so that readers can help themselves. Not to mention just keeping it all straight for myself. After so many games it helps to make order from the chaos of so much information.

What This is Not
This is not to say that these quick takes should be used instead of full reviews – they should not. In fact, if any game here has piqued your interest please click on the label [more] to find a fuller review at this site. Reading a fuller review once you have found something interesting is a good idea since there is only so much that can be covered in one paragraph. To find more reviews from other sites, click on one or more of the letters.

There are there no numerical ratings for the games because I am more interested in qualitative than quantitative evaluations. There is so much that a number is just unable to say. Anyway, if I were to include numbers maybe no one would read the texts. Actually, I have sent numerical ratings for all of the games to the Internet Top 100 Survey, where you can view them along with the ratings of lots of others which must be more useful than just my ratings alone.

Sometimes descriptions use special terms such as "chaos" to quickly describe a more complicated concept which is familiar to most, if not all gameplayers. If any term is unfamiliar to you, I direct your attention to this Glossary of Common Gaming Terms (MetroGamers). For "chaos" in particular, please see this discussion (Game Cabinet).

Sorting is by first letter of the game's title except that leading definite or indefinite articles from any language are not considered. Case is not considered. Numbers in titles are treated as if they were spelled out as words in the language of the rest of the title.

Games which have been published under multiple titles are listed in the table of contents under all titles while the actual entry is listed only under the original title with the subsequents being listed in parenthesis, e.g. "Herr der Ringe, Der (The Lord of the Rings)". Games which are part of a larger game package such as Mü & Mehr are all listed under the package name.

Games by small publishers may be difficult to find so links to their websites are included when available.

Reviewing the Reviewer