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Tintin Board and Card Games
January 9, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin, a series of illustrated stories by Hergé (pen name of Georges Remi, 1907-1983), have become popular the world over. The colorful characters and conflicts between right and wrong might be good topics for games. Perhaps with a Steven Spielberg movie coming out we'll see some new tie-in games. Meanwhile, check out The Metamorphoses of Tintin, a brilliant overview of the series that traces the evolution of Tintin's character over the decades.
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Les aventures de Tintin: Le jeu officiel
Pascal Bernard; Tactic-2011; 2-4; 8+
"The Adventures of Tintin: the official game" comes From the inventor of Cadwallon and The Three Musketeers and is a French fully cooperative game in which Tintin, Snowy, the Captain and the police twins must solve a number of missions in order to discover the secret of the Unicorn (ship). Shop

Tintin et le Piège du Totem Dhor
Dominique Tellier; Nathan-1992; 2-4
A duel between Tintin and Rastapopoulos which is a pattern recognition and memory game using a magnet. Shop

AB Chr. Olsen; Ravensburger-1987; 2-4
Professor Tournesol (Prof. Calculus in the English works) has been kidnapped and the players need to figure out who did it and where he is. Sounds like a Clue(do) variant. Shop

Tintin et Milou dans le Monde / Tintin e a volta ao mundo
José Antunes; Círculo de Leitores/Les Jeux Noel Montbrison/Publica Hergé-1982; 2-5
Race around the world to reclaim Rackham's treasure and return home again. Using random cards players choose to either move, place an obstacle or remove an obstacle. Shop

Jouons avec Tintin à Moulinsart-1974
Michel Demarets; Casterman; 1-4
Fifteen pencil and paper games, some of which incorporate dice. Shop

Tintin et Milou vers la lune
(Uncredited); Les Jeux Noel Montbrison-1969; 2-5
Drawn from the stories

  1. Destination Moon (1950-1953)
  2. Explorers on the Moon (1950-1954)
Players roll and move to race to the moon and back. Shop