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Tue Oct 15 13:59:18 MDT 2013

  1. Lost Cities
    Reiner Knizia; Kosmos-1999/Rio Grande-1999; 2; 45
    In this card game of archaeological tourism players two wealthy Victorian gentlemen wager which can make the most significant discoveries of legendary locales from ancient Egypt to the Mayan jungles and the native Southwest. [Review]

  2. Lost Cities: The Board Game
    Reiner Knizia; Rio Grande-2008; 2-4; 45
    This version takes the above premise and transports it to a board, now making it possible to include two more players. [Review]

  3. Expedition
    Wolfgang Kramer; Queen-1996/Ravensburger-2005; 2-6; 60
    Three different expeditions are traveling to archaeological and other cultural sites around the world. The winner ensures that more of his sites are visited than any other's. [Review]

  4. Tokaido
    Antoine Bauza; Asterion Press-2012/Hobby World-2012; 2-5; 45; 8+
    Players are travelers crossing the Tokaido Road in Japan. Along the way they meet people, taste fine meals, collect beautiful items, discover great panoramas, and visit temples and wild places. The winner is the one who discovered the most interesting and varied things.

  5. MarraCash
    Stefan Dorra; Kosmos-1996; 3-4; 60
    This colorful game puts players in the simultaneous roles of both shop owners and tour guides in a Moroccan market bazaar. Straightforward rules mean accessibility to many players. [Review]

  6. 10 Days in Europe
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Schmidt-2003/Out of the Box-2003; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Players are tour agents constructing ten-day tours from country to adjacent country. Planes and ships make it easier. [Review]

  7. 10 Days in Africa
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Out of the Box-2003; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Ten Days in Europe now set in Africa. Adds SUVs. [Review]

  8. 10 Days in Asia
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Out of the Box-2007; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Ten Days in Europe now set in Asia. Adds trains. [Review]

  9. Sun, Sea & Sand
    Corné van Moorsel; Cwali-2010; 2-5; 50
    Players are entrepreneurs on a scenic island. By establishing hotels and attractions and putting up signs they hope to make money on the tourists, which come in four types. Some like to play on and in the water, some like amusement rides, some like to play sports and finally there are those who simply love to eat and drink. These are all represented by differently-colored meeples and it's completely hilarious that the food lovers are extra fat. [Review]

  10. The Road to Canterbury
    Alf Seegert; Gryphon Games-2011; 2-3; 60
    The tourists are the religious pilgrims from Chaucer's famous The Canterbury Tales. [Review]

  11. 10 Days in the USA
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Out of the Box-2003; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Ten Days in Europe now set in USA. Adds cars.

  12. Africana
    Michael Schacht; Abacusspiele-2012/Z-Man-2012; 2-4; 60; 8+
    Players travel through Africa, trying to reach destinations first and then use the money to buy precious antiques.

  13. Hotel Samoa
    Kristian Amundsen Østby; Z-Man Games-2010; 3-6; 60
    Players represent hotel owners at a popular resort who want to upgrade their facilities and also price them correctly to maximize profits.

  14. 10 Days in the Americas
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Out of the Box-2010; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Ten Days in Europe now set in the Americas. For the first time two continents as both North and South America are included.

  15. Paris Paris
    Michael Schacht; Abacusspiele-2003/Rio Grande-2003; 2-4; 8+
    A game of positioning at the various locations where Paris tourist buses might stop. [Review]

  16. Travel Blog
    Vlaada ChvŠacute;til; Czech Games Edition-2010/Z-Man Games-2010; 2-6; 30; 8+
    Game of answering questions about the map faster than others. Includes facts on one hundred countries.

  17. Hotel Life
    Urs Hostettler & Hermann Wieland; Fata Morgana Spiele-1989; 3-4; 120
    Humorous game of equipping a hotel, hiring employees and recruiting guests. The main joke is that many of them are quite demanding and may disrupt your hotel or other guests. Unexpected visitors (and pets) add to the madness. It's reputation that counts in the end, rather than money. [Review]

  18. Summer Resort (Letnisko)
    Karol Madaj; Gry Leonardo-2013; 2-5; 45; 8+
    In the second half of 1930s buy land near the the Warsaw-Otwock railroad to build cottages, accommodate holidaymakers, money and upgrade to villas. There is a very nice adherence to theme and a somewhat unusual theme, but there are not enough strategic paths and there is not enough variability in play conditions. Each playing is pretty much like the last with only a little variation in the order of the weather cards, which dictate the number and type of the tourists who arrive. Players always have the same basic aims with just some tactical variability. In addition, the Start player on turn 1 has a noticeable advantage. Best with many players.

  19. Tori
    Kimmo Sorsamo; Competo/Marektoy-2010; 2-4; 60
    It is the 1952 Olympics and on the main market square that gives the game its name, you are trying to get fans into your shops. Hint: location counts. [Review]

  20. Holiday AG
    Wolfgang Kramer; ASS-1975; 2-6; 90
    Players are shareholderss in companies developing properties, which they then try to fill with tourists.

  21. Greentown
    Günter Cornett; Bambus-2006; 2-4; 90
    Leading tourists around the ever-changing Greentown and its many attractions is a game of route planning and tile (re)placement. Players have no choice in the tour demand cards they receive; thus they often must help opponents even while competing with them. Victory goes to the one who can best intuit how routing is likely to change and who can best imagine what the effects of new tiles will be. [Review]

  22. Das Letzte Paradies
    Reiner Knizia; Kosmos-1993; 3-5; 45
    In "The Last Paradise" players are bidding to acquire plots on an island where they develop resorts, but they must be careful not to overdevelop and thereby lose the appeal. [Review]

  23. Aloha
    Corné van Moorsel; Cwali-2005; 2-5; 60
    Tile-laying, press-your-luck, majority-control game set in Hawaii's hotel development boom in the early 1960s. [Review]

  24. Discover India
    Günter Cornett & Peer Sylvester; Queen-2010; 2-5; 60 ; 8+
    Players are in a tourist group discovering different cultures, traditions and sights. They collect tiles to build the best pattern.

  25. Die Weinhandler
    Dominique Ehrhard; Piatnik-2000; 3-6; 60
    Carrying wine and passengers up and down the Loire River amidst the chateaus. Wine is picked up at several ports and always sold at Nantes while tourists are picked up and delivered at various destinations. [Review]

  26. 10 Tage durch Deutschland
    Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Ravensburger-2012; 2-4; 30; 8+
    Ten Days in Europe now set in Germany. It does not use the states, but cities and smaller regions.

  27. Travel Buff
    G. Scott & Linda W. Sampson; Intellectual Technologies, Inc.-1987; 2-6; 30
    US-centric game of answering trivia questions about venues all over the world. [Review]
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