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The First War
Empire-building for 2. Discovered terrain, 4 types of pieces and technology cards. Conflict is entirely deterministic, depending on position and availability of forces, but technology, terrain and reinforcements are determined by varying levels of randomness. In particular, players have some control over which technologies they decide to pursue and something of a breeding program that confers control over the types of reinforcements.
War game of the Ancient Greek colonization of Sicily and the southern Italian peninsula. Each of the different Greek groups, and Phoenicians has a different special power. The modular board is discovered during play. Income uses a novel system based on trade with neighbors. A large set of civilization cards give another outlet for player earnings. For 2 to 5.
The Republic of Carthage
This expansion to The Republic of Rome permits play of the rival republic alongside that of Rome, each developing on its own until the inevitable clash. Carthage, being based on trade rather than conquest, operates somewhat differently than Rome. Which system is superior? Special rules explain how to resolve the ultimate conflict. For 3 to 6.
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