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Sandra Oh, My Hero

RANDOM MUSINGS on the fin-de-millénaire games scene . . .

3 October 2007 . . . So last night I was checking out "Jimmy Kimmel Live", which, for those of you who are non-US readers, is a late night TV talk show. The guest is an actress I already like and have been watching for years, such as in her indie film Double Happiness and of course famously in Sideways and the very popular TV program Grey's Anatomy.

I'm just winding down from my day and watching the show when she starts talking about how every night she and her Canadian friends are mad for playing this particular board game. I'm used to these celebrity game endorsements. So I'm thinking, oh no, what's it going to be this time? Trivial Pursuit? Cranium? The Daryl Hannah game? And I'm waiting and waiting and here it comes, and it's ...


How cool is that! At long last we have a pretty major celebrity endorsing German games and right ahead of the game buying season! This could really mean something for the growth of our hobby!

What went next was even more amazing, if possible! It seems she loves the game so much that even on her vacation to Spain she brought it along and taught her friends there! Then, apparently while in Spain, she happened to wander into a game store and encountered all of the various Catan expansions! Marveling at this, she bought one of them, but couldn't quite remember its name. She thought it was something like "Knights and Barbarians". I believe what it really must have been was Cities and Knights because of what followed.

She said that buying this new game was sort of like when you've been in a relationship for a while and it's getting a little bit boring so you decide to bring in a third person, hoping to spice things up. But instead, this new element ruins the experience entirely to the point where you even start to dislike the original. She went on to complain that playing with this expansion seemed to take forever, five and a half hours in fact.

Funny thing is that's how I feel about that expansion too. Better to play the vanilla game twice and have two winners that go through that often endless monotony of nobody being able to accomplish anything. If only she had read my reviews...

Well, I hope she stays with German games and can branch out from what she has already explored. And let's hope she keeps talking about them!

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by Rick Heli