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Why you spent too much for that Karl Gitter*

RANDOM MUSINGS on the fin-de-millénaire games scene . . .

28 September 2008 . . . Scientists appear to have found proof for what a lot of games players have observed for a long time. When there is an auction in a game, players tend to overbid. Why? Because games players are competitive people and the auction becomes itself a game in miniature that players don't like to lose.

This can be read all about in today's issue of Science Daily.

For once the usual advice "Know Thy Opponent" can be supplemented with "Know Thyself".

While at Science Daily you may also wish to check out this article on how the on-line RPG players are not always the types we might think. ...

*Karl Gitter is one of the artists whose works are auctioned in the game Modern Art


by Rick Heli