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Days of Decision
Playback 11
From Wed Dec 26 00:39:26 1990
From: Andrew Hung 
To:, wif@imryrr.Eng.Sun.COM
Subject: Gaming this weekend & others

     Well, I'm so stuffed with food and coffee that I can hardly sleep!!
I hope you guys all had a great X'mas.  It looks like I will be free for
this weekend and the same for Steve!!  Phil will unfortunately be
gone(once again).  We tried out DoD/WiF again on last Sat.(12/22) at
Steve's place.  The game lasted until 1936 Jul/Aug when Steve(Axis) gave
up and we went on to play 'The Con game'(Beer & Pretzel game).
The options played are as followed:

1936  Jan/Feb   Init roll:  4(+1),5(Axis) - 5,1(Allies)

  Axis - 16P Germany occupies the Rhineland
	 19S Germany signs NA pact with Czech, demobilizes army.

  Allies - 16P France occupies the Rhineland

  US Entry status at -3


      Mar/Apr    Init roll:  6(Allies) - 5(Axis)

  Allies - 7 Russia purges officer corp

  Axis - 18S  Germany signs NA pact with Poland, demobilizes army.

  US Entry status at -5

  Momentous event for Axis:  GE(-1), IT(+1), JA(+1)


     May/Jun     Init roll:  3(Axis) - 2(+1)(Allies)

  Axis - 32S  Japan DOW on Russia, offers support to frontline country.

  Allies - 18S(failed) France guarentees Poland, CW offer finacial

  US Entry status at -2


     Jul/Aug     Init roll:  6(+1)(Allies) - 5(Axis)

  Allies - 42S  Russia surrenders to Japan, US offers support.

  Axis - 10  Germany supports Nationalist.

  US Entry status at -2

  Momentous event for Allies:  US(+1), CW(+1), RU(-1)


     As you can see, we(Phil & I) the Allies decided to be aggressive
and see how the Axis player(Steve) react.  The die rolls were in our
favors(!!) for this game.  Spanish Civil War broke out in May/Jun(roll
of 1 by me again) and clear weather in Mar/Apr really helped.  We
managed to get the Russian to purge early(sucessfully) and I think Steve
jumped the gun by attacking too soon.  Apparently a surrender by Russia
is not too bad since Japan only gain 2 resources plus whatever territory
it gained(occupied) during the war.(Can you guys check this please,
Steve has known to be wrong in interpreting the rule!!)  The slow turn
in Mar/Apr allowed Phil to redeploy a substantial amount of troops to
Vlad. in a hurry.  Some poor die rolls on the ground assault and in
the air(the RU TAC broke thru and also shot down the 4 factors JA FTR)
really doomed the attack on Vlad. which RU kept!!  The Spanish Civil War
went awrd for the Nationalist which took Bilbao initially(1/1 EX with
a 7-3 taking the port) but a daring(lucky) 2-1 on it retook the place
for the Republican.  The resource NW of Madrid also fell the next turn
since it was not occupied and the Allies got the initiative!!  Steve
also forgot to play JA gear up in Jul/Aug and we managed to surrender
successfully(even got the US econ support!!).  Steve gave up at that
point and we played my new game.

  BTW, I reread the rules on US Entry afterward to see if I did any goof
ups and to my horror it states that this is to be used after General War
breaks out, not for DoD apparently!!  Please confirm this as it would
really changed thing around.   I guess I'll be hosting this weekend if
you are all free, so let me know!!