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Days of Decision
Playback 5
From Allan Thu Mar  7 10:38:27 1991
To: wif@imryrr
Subject: DoD game results

Here is a truly weird one.  Rick (the Allies) was a demon at rolling for
the US entry, and was really horrible at rolling for anything else...

Final Build Point totals [WiF 1939 start/extra BP nation has to spend on army*]

Japan: 280 [298/57]
Germany: 133 [248/35]
Italy: 142 [173/ ]
Russia: 154 [161/39]
France: 126 [201/0]
China: 17 [66/0]
US: 243 [310/ ]
CW: 391 [409/ ]

* At start of Wif

US Entry: +6 (+11 at end of DoD!)

Minor Countries final positions:

                Allied (+)                      Axis (-)
C   15                                          Aust, Rum
o   14
n   13
t   12                                          Den, Fin, Swe
P   11          Bulg                            SpN
r   10                                          
o    9          Pol
I    7                                          Per
n    6          Czech, Gre, Yug                 Hun
f    5          
     4          Neth, Nor                       
     3          Tur                            
     2		Iraq				Por
     1		Bel

Additional Notes:
        The following minors have +1 INF: Fin, Neth, Rum, Swe
	Spain has 57 BP army (Spanish Civil war won by Nationals in 3 battles)
	Sigfried Line built
	China at production multiple of 1
	China has surrendered to Japan
	Russia has surrendered to Japan
	War declared in Mar/Apr 1939

I don't know about this one.  I hope someone can make a better judgement on
this than I.  Here are the points as I see them

Axis +'s:
	Spain is Pro-Axis (not as important as war not declared on CW/Fr)
	China is virtually dead
	France is very weak (Germany doesn't have to worry about France)
	Japan is near 1939 starting BP & has plenty of resources
	Aust, Den, Fin, Rum, Swe all Axis controlled
	No Allied controlled minors

Allied +'s:
	US entry at +6 (and Rick went into the Rhineland on turn 1!!!!!)
	Germany is very weak & resource poor
	CW and Russia are near 1939 starting BP's

With the US entry the way it is (at +6), the US player is going to be
comming into the war in 1940!  China is going to crumble fast (with only
5 INF).  Germany has to take out Poland to get to Russia, but that is
not a given 1-turner seeing how weak Germany is.  I see the war comming
down to a race: can the Axis squeeze Russia before the US enters the war.
It's going to be close.  I think Rick is overly pessimistic when he says 
that the Axis have an advantage...