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Days of Decision
Playback 6
From: Andrew Hung Wed Mar 13 19:53:47 1991
To: elric@Eng
Subject: Re:  WIF
Cc: wif@imryrr.Eng.Sun.COM

   Okay...if you think so, but remember GE has no NA pact with RU and 
therefore must activate Rumania to save it from possible annhilation on
the first turn.  Of course, this mean that 2 more resources are lost
for GE.  The conquest of Czech will provide 1 rp & 1 bp.  Are you guys
sure that it's untenable??  I would think otherwise...

   BTW, did you guys half all combat loss in the CH-JA conflict?  How the
hack did you lose that much of the CH forces??  I failed to surrender
CH for 3 turns and only lose 33 factors(-13, -8, -11) but I flush the
money track and got most of them back(12, 4, 4).  Don't forget that
CH production modifier goes to 1/2 when war breaks out.  I did manage
to gear up on the turn of the surrender and got most of the points and
then some back.(a 3-1 in initiative & some lucky die rolls!!)

     Here is the raw stats for game 2, more details will come later when
I have time to input the rest.

Nation  Final BP  40 J/F  39 N/D
GE   	  282	    21       0
JA	  442	    14	    14
IT	  197	    10      10         Axis Total = 921

CW	  422	    13      13
RU	  202	     8       8
FR        188	     0       1
US        258	     3       3
CH        120        6       6         Allies Total = 1170

US Entry = 5

-14   Sweden, Hungary, Austria       JA-Ru & IT-FR NA pact in effect
-12   Rumania
-11   Denmark, Iraq
-10   Finland
-5    Persia
-1    Greece
-0    Bulgaria
+3    Turkey
+5    Portugal
+8    Belgium
+15   Poland

     Another truly bizarre game of DoD/WiF!  RU & CH have geared up
after surrendering to JA who is really beefed up.   Moreover, IT has
beefed itself up by conquering Spain and Yugoslavia.  I failed miserably
in playing option 29(Guarentee Czech) and have to scramble to save CH.
GE has geared up to 4 and build the SS ARMY(not corp).  IT has also
geared up to 2 and gained total liaison with GE, option 28.  The Far
East looks grim with a huge JA force pool but both CH & RU are also
beefed up.(hmm, is there 120 bp in the either CH force pool??)  US entry
is rather high(could have been worse, was +13 in DOD at one point) but
US is rather weak since it never had the time to gear up.  The Allies
failed in 16 out of 31 options, including 4 double-options turns & the
DoW option at the last turn.  The Axis played a total of 28 options with
2 failures.  The Allies had 3 momentous events and the Axis had 5.

        Win     Win(tie)    2-1    3-1    6-1
Axis    10        4          0      3      2
Allies  11        1          3      5      0
        21        5          3      5      2

     The Allies attempted two coups in Rumania, first was countered and
the second failed(die roll of 5 when I need 1 or 2).  I think the final
pt difference was 14, this include BPs & VP by gained BP & RP.

     Let me know if this is a viable game or else you guys should try to
     play 2 more games of DoD/WiF this weekend.

     BTW, I won't be able to join you guys, I've to study for my finals.
     Steve is avail this weekend, but will be real busy the following 2
     months!!!  He probably has to work during that time.  I hope one of
     you can host....let me know by Friday so that I can pass the word
     along...or call those two Please!!

     I just received a card from SUN telling me that they have finally
     received the Resume.(once again outdated!!)
     I don't know how long this account will stay active, since it's a
     computing club account & not an academic one which usually last for
     one year after graduation.

     BTW, any of you two work with this guy named Richard Barberie, who
     used to be the System Admin over here...tell him to stop goofing