Playback Information for the Avalon Hill board game

Scores from a series of Britannia playings:

Game Numbers
Nation2345678 10111213Average
Picts 37222633378112425141623
Jutes 01915898849878.636
Caledonians 160201681251323102613.545
Romano-British 1651011132719131029.818
Scots 113315311538362117352825.455
Danes 33.5373045472830.54437.54837.538
Romanites (A)106R122R100A134A106D118.5R110.5A119.5Ji103An117.5D108R113.182
Welshites (B)96.5An105P89J107P110R96.5Ji71D100A120P108.5R 108A101.045
Saxonites (C)131.5P83.5K142R94An115Ji100.5A117.5R75D61.5A63.5Ji76Ji96.364
Anglites (D)123A116A115G138R117A69D111Ji110R98R103A98T108.909


Terminology: Romanites refers to group A, the group which contains the Romans as the most prominent nation, etc.

The point of all of this is to provide the average scores for each nation. These can then be consulted during play and if it appears that a particular nation is going to score more points than its listed average, some special combined action should be considered to counteract this.

The totaled averages seem to indicate that the game favors the Romanites and Anglites, but this is not the whole story as they have not won all games.

The scores can also provide an idea of what can happen if certain strategies are followed. For example, games such as number 3 had the Romano-British moving north to help the Scots enter. As a result the Romano-British score went down by 11 compared to the previous game, but the score of the Scots increased by 22.

Games 1 and 9 had 5 players:
Nation1 9
Romanites (A)83.5K
Welshites (B)79.5Ji
Saxonites (C)79A
Anglites (D)72M

Player Names: A=Allan, An=Andrew, D=Dave, G=Gail, J=Jackson, Ji=Jim, K=Ken, M=Martin, P=Phil, R=Rick, T=Tom

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A Replay of Roman moves from a Sample Game:

1ASussex 2 Brings more men north quickly. Puts 3 in Suffolk to lessen chance of 2 ending up in Lindsey. May allow 2 Belgae to stack up in Downlands or Kent.
Wessex 2
Avalon 2
Essex 2
Hwicce 2
S. Mercia 2
Suffolk 3
1BDownlands 2 Takes Pennines which may never be this easy again and which allows northern penetration and better subjection of Brigantes. Some risk in Lindsey and Downlands. May have left Kent free.
N. Mercia 2
Lindsey 2
Norfolk 2
York 2
Pennines 3
Bernicia 2
2Kent 2Finish off Belgae. Outcome: Took rough losses in Alban & Dalriada, each of which had 2 Picts in them. Forced to retreat from Strathclyde.
Essex 2"
Cheshire 3Subject Brigantes.
Strathclyde 2"
Dalriada 2Start in on Picts.
Alban 33 here because more central.
Lothian 1Send a reinforcement north.
3Skye 1Left empty by Pict.
Mar 3Contains 2 Picts – Picts submit.
Cumbria 3Need Brigante submission – Brigantes submit.
Wessex 1Protect remaining forts.
Sussex 1"
Suffolk 1"
4Alban 1 Covering the forts.This may be a mistake. It might be better to stay north and use the Romano-British to exterminate the Picts. Outcome: In retrospect, this concern was unwarranted.There was plenty of time and access to return north.
Lothian 1
Bernicia 1
York 1
N. Mercia 1
S. Mercia 1
Hwicce 1
Wessex 1
Sussex 1
Suffolk 1
5Lothian 1 Covering the forts. So far working fairly well. Still concerned about being able to head north again though. So far Germans have mostly killed themselves trying to attack me, but next turn they will be large enough that 1 fort and 1 army may not be sufficient. Outcome: In retrospect, 1 fort and 1 army were still plenty mean!
Bernicia 1
Cheshire 1
York 1
N. Mercia 1
S. Mercia 1
Hwicce 1
Suffolk 1
Wessex 1
Sussex 1
6 Alban 1 At start of turn, 8 northernmost Romans replaced. Headin' north! The Angles may be mean to me... but I think I'm still a bit too strong to worry about it.
Lothian 2
Bernicia 2
York 3
7Skye 2 + 2C + ArthurClean out 2 Caledonians in Skye On their turn, Scots led by Fergus exterminate only remaining Picts. Covering the forts can work!
Mar 11 Pict to deal with
Dunedin 2Headin' north
Lothian 3"
8Bernicia 4 Kill Angles. Should have left 1 in Lothian. The sneaky Brigantes went in and cut off my retreat.
Mar 2
Hebrides 2Kill Caledonians.
9Moray 2Will attack Orkneys eventually.
Mar 1
10Caithness 2Will attack Orkneys eventually. Scots score 10 and are in an excellent position.
Moray 1

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