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Founding Fathers
An account of a five-player match using the "Less Negotiation" variant. For easy reference the names of the players are in alphabetical order to match the order of play.

Note that this uses the rules from the earlier PnP version so a couple things are changed. At that time cards were not yet drafted and the first turn began with the Secretaries of State and Treasury offices already filled.

The initial Senators and additional cards are dealt as follows:
Pre-determined: Benjamin Franklin, President Washington
Dealt: George Clinton, Coalition Building, Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Benjamin (Ben)
Pre-determined: Treasury Secretary Hamilton
Dealt: Charles C. Pinckney, John Marshall, Panic of 1797, Sabotage a Negotiation
Pre-determined: Secretary of State Jefferson
Dealt: Patrick Henry, William Henry Harrison, Timothy Pickering (which is played immediately), Coalition Building
Daniel (hereafter Dan)
Pre-determined: Aaron Burr
Dealt: James Madison, James Monroe, William H. Crawford (played immediately), Coalition Building
Elbridge (henceforth called El)
Pre-determined: Vice President Adams, Chief Justice John Jay
Dealt: Andrew Jackson (played), John Quincy Adams (played), Make an Important Speech
Each player has 3 influence point markers.
No taxes or tariffs are in effect.
The following states are in play: "New England" (NE - 38 votes), New York (NY - 12), Pennsylvania (PA -15), New Jersey (NJ - 7), Maryland (MD - 10), Delaware (DE - 3), Virginia (VA - 23), "Carolinas" (NC - 22) and Georgia (GA - 4).
Public Support is at 0, i.e. neutral.
Reserves are at 0.
Revenues are at -$30 million.
The Tension Index is at 0.

The Turns
1: Finance Matters
2: Foreign Entanglements
3: Rebellion
4: France Fries
5: Incompetence
6: Growing the Republic
7: Financing Growth
8: Hot in the South
9: The Midwest Comes on Board
10: The Yellow Rose
11: Way Out West
12: Gold!
13: Crisis
14: Treaties