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A Mighty Fortress
published by SPI

1:Looks like I can try for Hungary, Vienna and Venice. If those succeed, go on for Prague.
2:Took Vienna on a 1-1!
3:If we can hold Vienna, Habsburgs will be a long, long time coming back. Lutherans have allied with Habsburgs, but are weak. Took Prague!
4:Habsburgs threatening Buda and Belgrade. Need to pull back some. Will try to give Lutherans a bloody nose before leaving. Killed 2 fleets in Adriatic. Exchanged on land. Only succeeded in making Lutherans retreat.
5:Re-took Prague. Fleets covering Straits of Messina.
6:Rolled poorly, no losses on either side.

10 Vienna
8 Prague
6 Venice
6 Sicily
6 Hungary
4 Sardinia
4 Barcelona
3 Nuremberg
3 Augsburg

1:Hold Rome, Milan, Venice and the 3 German States. Await the Jesuits.
2:Killed 2 Missionaries and 2 Lutheran armies on a 1-1!
3:Getting worried about Ottomans who will probably be visiting Venice soon. Hard to tell which way Lutherans are going. Will protect Venice and sit tight in Germany.
4:Sitting tight – Ottomans too busy to attack Venice, though not sure where fleet is going next. Walked over two unprotected missionaries and took Mainz back.
5:Where are those missionaries???
6:Still waiting.

-10 Rome, Foreign Control
-6 Milan, Habsburg Control
-5 Venice, Ottoman Control
5 Saxony Conversion
4 Hesse Conversion
4 Brandenburg Conversion
4 England, Combat Unit or Jesuit in
-4 Vienna, Ottoman Control
3 Zurich, Jesuit in
3 Basel, Jesuit in
3 Italian state controlled (each)
-3 Trier, Lutheran Control
-3 Mainz, Lutheran Control
-3 Cologne, Lutheran Control
-3 Ravenna, Foreign Control
-3 Bologna, Foreign Control
-3 Prague, Ottoman Control
-3 Marseilles, Habsburg Control
2 Palatinate Conversion
2 Wurttemburg Conversion
2 Bavaria Conversion
2 Stockholm, Jesuit in
2 Norway, Jesuit in
1 Other German Area Conversion
1 Any Non-German city/area won back from Lutherans and held at end
-1 Italian State, French Control, if > 1, < 5

1:Try for Buda. Keep an eye on Milan. No need to fight the Germans yet. Look toward Marseilles if conditions allow.
2:Lost Vienna on a 1-1. Got Honors of War and tried to re-take on 1-1. Died in siege. Call all the frontiers for more troops to fight the Turks!
3:Now lost Prague too. Allied with Lutherans. He can convert Tyrol, Hungary, Austria and Bohemia if he helps with the Turks. Our forces will feint into unprotected Ottoman territory. Fleet may be in danger.
4:Lost fleets in Adriatic. Throw everything into a 1-1 on Vienna – lost.
5:Vienna attack fails again, as does fleet sortie. No losses though. Just noticed that if the Papacy ever misbehaves I can easily take Rome.
6:Re-took Vienna, but lost 2 fleets.

8 London, if England excommunicated
7 Buda
6 Milan
5 Saxony
5 Hesse
5 Dijon
4 Marseilles
4 London, if England Catholic
4 Bucharest
4 Brandenburg
4 Belgrade
3 Wurttemburg
3 Dublin

1:England looks like trouble. Let's try for Calais and Antwerp and on to England if successful.
2:Worried about leaving cities open to Lutherans, but now that we're at war, this must take second place. Took Calais on a 1-1. English unable to retreat. Naval attack on Plymouth failed. Exchanged in Scotland.
3:Drove fleet out of Plymouth – should have covered all exits. Knocking on York's door.
4:Attack on fleet at Penzance failed. Should try to load armies on fleets.
5:Destroyed last London fleet, but too late for armies – he has 6 there.
6:Took York.

6 Navarre
6 Milan
5 Naples
5 Antwerp
4 Genoa
4 Edinburgh
4 Calais
4 York, if England Excommunicated
4 Plymouth, if England Excommunicated
4 Plymouth, if England Excommunicated
3 Turin
3 Metz
2 Siena
2 Florence
2 York, if England Catholic
2 Plymouth, if England Catholic
2 London, if England Catholic

1:Although Antwerp would be nice, let's wait a bit until the Habsburgs are on the ropes. The French are looking for trouble so let's give it to them. With my fleets, I should be able to give him plenty of trouble defending his coast.
2:Ouch, those French are nasty. Better regroup this turn and await replacements.
3:French consolidating their gains. Fleets unfortunately split up. Maybe next turn we can do something.
4:Got an exchange with French fleet which is acceptable at this point.
5:Tried to defeat French fleet, but got an A2.
6:Exchanged up north which is OK since my forces come back on the front and he has to transport his.

10 Antwerp
10 Paris
8 Rouen
8 Edinburgh
8 Bordeaux
6 Brest

1:Let's keep an eye on Vienna and make sure the Ottomans don't take it. So let's not fight the Habsburgs yet until we're in a position to hold Vienna ourselves. Let's convert Germany. Oops, don't forget Mecklenburg for the reinforcements. Also spread out the armies to get political control wherever we convert.
2:Ooops, Vienna just fell. Perhaps Habsburgs will be open to alliance? We are at war with the Papacy naturally. So let's kill one a 4-1, meanwhile proselytizing the rest of Germany and the neighboring neutrals. Success!
3:Temporary truce with Papacy so we can try to contain Turks. We are too far from the front to attack this turn though, so we will stage. Meanwhile the missionaries continue to spread, especially to cities.
4:Took an AE trying to kill the Turks, but did grab an empty Prague. Re-took Mainz.
5:Failed to re-take Prague. Took nasty loss in Cologne.
6:Failed to re-take Prague.

-9 Saxony, Catholic Conversion
-7 Hesse, Catholic Conversion
-6 Vienna, Ottoman Control
-5 Prague, Ottoman Control
-5 Madgeburg, Catholic Conversion
-4 Mansfield, Catholic Conversion
-4 Brunswick, Catholic Conversion
-4 Anhalt, Catholic Conversion
3 Palatinate, Conversion
3 Nuremberg, Conversion
3 Nassau, Conversion
3 Bavaria, Conversion
3 Ansbach, Conversion
3 Mainz, Conversion
3 Trier, Conversion
3 Cologne, Conversion
3 England, Conversion
-3 Bremen, Catholic Conversion
2 Tyrol, Conversion
2 Munster, Conversion
2 Mark, Conversion
2 France, Conversion
2 Cleve, Conversion
-2 Sweden, Catholic Conversion
1 Zurich, Conversion
-1 Zurich, Catholic Conversion
1 Warsaw, Conversion
1 Riga, Conversion
1 Posen, Conversion
1 Norway, Conversion
1 Netherlands, Conversion
1 Konigsberg, Conversion
1 Danzig, Conversion
1 Cracow, Conversion
1 Copenhagen, Conversion
1 Bohemia, Conversion
1 Basel, Conversion
1 Augsburg, Conversion
-1 Basel, Catholic Conversion
-1 Norway, Catholic Conversion

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