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English Translation
Thu Jan 4 15:27:10 PST 2001
by Alex Randolph for Amigo [Translation by Rick Heli. All additions in brackets.]

Players: 2 - 6Ages: 6 - 100 years

6 sombreros in 6 colors12 gold chips (1 gold = 10 silver)
6 dice (0-5)1 shell
6 "Hinterhalt" [Ambush] chips6 Caramba cards
6 "Hinterhalt" [Ambush] stickers1 game rules
1 hatband

Short Introduction

  1. Goal of the game. The goal of the race is to NOT cross over into the dangerous area of "Mina del Plata" [silver mine].
    The winner is the player who finds himself still on the course when all of the others have already arrived. He banks the victory. A game stretches over several races.
  2. Turn order. Turns are not taken in clockwise order, but rather depending on the board position.
    The player in the lead goes first and rolls with one die; the player behind him goes second with two dice, the player in third with three dice, etc.

Preparing for Play

Before the first game the six "Hinterhalt" stickers must be stuck onto the six black chips.
The board is laid out on the table and the shell is placed on it near the "MINA DE PLATA" sign. The hatband is placed nearby and needed also are as many dice as there are players. [But see below "The Game for 2 or 3 Players".]
Note! The dice contain a blank side, but no "6".

Each player receives:

Course of Play

The sombrerors and their owners move as slowly as possible to their goal, the dangerous area of "Mina de Plata".
Whoever rolls the highest number begins. In the races to follow, the winner of the previous race always begins, followed by the player who placed second, etc.
The first player places his sombrero on the stone-, pebbles- or clay space of his choice, far away or close to the goal, wherever he wants. The other players in clockwise order then do the same.

Game Board

When placing the sombrero keep in mind the goal and the turn order. The foremost sombrero receives the hat band. It begins the first round with one die.

Game Turns

During all of the races, the first place player (the one nearest the mine) always rolls with 1 die, the runner-up 2 dice, the third-place 3 dice, etc.

Important! In order to avoid confusion, use the hatband. Before rolling, the player whose turn it is transfers the hatband from his sombrero to the sombrero of the player in the next place. In this way it is always clear which player is next to have a turn. The last in the row gives the hatband to the first place sombrero. Should the last placed player by use of the additional dice overtake all of the others including the one with the hatband, then he must place the band back on his sombrero and immediately takes another turn. With only 1 die however as he is now in first place.

Hinterhalt [Ambush]

Before a turn (usually that of the first place player) a player can tip off waylaying Pistoleros and thus place an ambush. To do this, the player places his "Hinterhalt" chip on any vacant space. It remains there until all sombreros have moved over it. Then it may be picked up again by a player, but only before his turn and placed on any free space.

Should a player end the turn on a "Hinterhalt" chip, he must immediately roll again with a number of dice as follows:

3 dice if the "Hinterhalt" is on a gray stone space
2 dice if on a yellow pebbles space
1 dice if on a yellow clay stone space

Occupied Spaces

Should a sombrero end its turn on another sombrero, the owner of the upper immediately receives 1 silver piece in welcome from the under. The owner of the upper sombrero must however immediately roll again one die and move on. If he should roll "0", this action is repeated, that is, the under sombrero pays again and the upper rolls again.


During a turn a player can buy himself out of one or more cubes. Costs: 1 silver piece for the first die, 2 silver pieces for the second die, 3 for the third die, etc.

Caramba Card

The Caramba card is intended as an aid to play. It gives an overview of the costs related to the running of each race. The expended silver pieces are part of the winnings and are placed in the shell.

Attention! During each turn at least one die must always be rolled.

Private Deals

Wealthy players can try to persuade their poorer counterparts to use additional dice. For example "here are 10 silver pieces if you roll one extra die ..."

Goal of the Game

As already mentioned, the goal of the races is to not cross into the "MINA DE PLATA" area. However, if it must be, then it is better sooner than later. As the first to arrive pays only 1 silver piece, the second 2, the third 3, etc. The expended silver pieces are part of the winnings and are placed in the shell. The player who finds himself the last still on the game board wins all of the chips in the shell. The goal is to have the most chips after several races.


Attention! All of the costs incurred due to occupied spaces, free purchase and entering the goal are doubled in the second race, tripled in the third race, etc!


If during a race a player should run out of silver pieces, he must pay as much as possible and play on in this race without paying. If however he does not win this race, he must retire... and the game is therefore at an end.

End of the Game

The game continues until one player cannot begin for lack of silver chips. The richest player at that moment wins.

The Game for 2 or 3 Players

The rules are the same, however each player starts with 2 sombreros, 2 "Hinterhalt" chips and 60 silver chips.
With 2 players 4 dice are needed, with 3, 6 dice.

(c) AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH under license MCMXCII
Graphics: Franz Vohwinkel

This French translation of the rules has been made, not from the original German, but from the translation you are now reading.
Copyright 2003 Richard M. Heli
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