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Sun Nov 9 14:23:50 PST 2003
Nichts als Ärger
[Don't Be Annoyed] Cards Translation
[Translation by Rick Heli. All editorial additions in square brackets. Last update: ]

CHAMPION - CHAMPION. All of the players roll twice. The player with the highest sum may move this amount. If there are several players with the highest sum, all of the other players move their sum.
DIÄT - DIET! This card forces me to no longer have more than 2 hand cards. If I already have more, I discard the excess without effect. My diet ends with my next roll of 1.
DIE CHANCE!? - CHANCE!? Each player places one of their pawns in front of your goal.
GESETZ! - LAW! In the following round each player is not allowed to roll and must play a card instead if he has one and it can be carried out; otherwise he must sit out.
GIB! - GIVE! Each player gives a card to his right hand opponent (if you have one)!
GROSSMUT! - GREAT COURAGE! The player who reveals this card must immediately move another player’s pawn 12 spaces or roll three times and move it the corresponding amount.
KNOBELRUND! - FLIP FOR IT! On cue each player shows a number from 0 to 5 with one hand. Players with the same number may not move, the others move their shown number plus 5. In two-player games, there is a game of "Scissors-Rock-Paper". The winner moves 11 spaces!
NIMM! - TAKE! All of the players draw a card from their right hand neighbor (if he has one).

Ordinary Cards
ÄTSCH - Anytime! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. I don’t like your card! It is worthlessly discarded if it does not concern a third player.
BOMBE! - BOMB! First I pick the space for the dice bomb, then I make a roll. All pawns within range of the explosion (rolled number of spaces in both directions) are returned back to their bases.
DENKSTE! - YOU THINK?! Anytime! The card you played is void and moved without effect to the discard pile! OR For me this card is like a rolled 6 with an additional roll.
DUEL! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. I determine a pawn each from two players for a dice duel (1 roll, highest number wins). The loser goes back to his entry space (if tied, both do so). In case of an ÄTSCH card, I step in myself. In a two-player game I have a 2 point die bonus!
FARBENKÖNIG - THE KING OF COLORS. YOU THINK? cards not allowed. It falls to me to re-distribute colors to the players. You are now red, you are now … All of the players keep their cards!
FREIKARTE! - FREE CARD! Every player may move one of his pawns from the base to the entry space. In return, if you accept this offer, you must immediately roll twice for me. I myself do not roll. OR I may take a card from the deck!
GEBURTSTAG! - BIRTHDAY! One of the pawns of my choice has a birthday. All of the players (including me) roll once for this pawn (on a six, once more) and move it correspondingly. Apart from cream, nothing will be whipped [i.e. no hitting pawns].
GEGENWIND! - CONTRARY WINDS! One of my pawns is moved backwards until it meets another pawn. The latter is hit and returned to its entry space.
GEISTERFAHRER! - GHOST DRIVER! I choose a pawn. All of the other players then roll in turn and move their pawns backwards accordingly. All pawns encountered on their way are seized by it and hurled to their base.
HEKTIK! - HECTIC! I move one of my pawns which is at least 10 spaces away from the goal 1 space on the turn of the opponent of my choice until he succeeds in rolling a 1 or 6. Before each move I must loudly and distinctly call "Nothing to be annoyed about!". I am not allowed to hit any other pawns.
HER DAMIT! - HERE WITH IT! I collect all of the unplayed cards of another player. If I then have more than 5 cards it is fully legal. I can first draw cards again when I have fewer than 5 in hand.
HINTERHALT! - AMBUSH! Anytime! A pawn of my choice has fallen into a trap. It recovers from the shock back at its entry space.
HOP ODER TOP! - HOP OR TOP! I choose one of my own pawns and one of another player, mix them under the table and hide one in each hand. The participating other player chooses a hand. The pawn chosen goes into its goal, the other to its entry space.
HYPNOSE! - HYPNOSIS! For 2 rounds another player has the duty of rolling for me and not playing any card. ("Right Away" cards free him from this duty immediately!)
KARATE! Anytime! This card is does not protect from GEISTERFAHRER! My pawn that was just hit by another pawn takes a karate course. It comes back and now defends itself. Therefore the other pawn goes to its base.
MARATHON I may keep rolling the die and move the same pawn (not a base camp athlete) until I decide to stop or I roll a "1". If I roll a "1" I have been disqualified for doping and must return to my entry space. Rolling for another Athlete (pawn) is allowed!
MARSCH BEFEHL! - MARCHING ORDERS! I bring all of my pawns still on the base into play! They are distributed on the entry space and the following spaces in a column. OR I move one of my pawns 5 to 10 spaces.
MENUKARTE! - MENU! I may choose one of the two menus and move: Either 1+6+2+1 or 5+6+3+3. The turn order of the menus must be observed, but can be distributed among different pawns. The 6 forces me to leave the base.
PENG! PENG! - BANG! BANG! First I choose one of my pawns and then I roll. All pawns in the field of fire (rolled number of spaces in both directions) are hit. Victims are placed on their entry spaces.
POLONAISE! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. I choose one of my own pawns and place all of the other pawns (my own and others’, but none from bases) in front of it in a closed row! No pawns may be placed in the goal.
PROPHEZEIUNG! - PROPHECY! I choose one of my pawns, which feels called to the goal. All of the players (at most 4) roll. If two (or more) roll the same number, the prophecy is fulfilled. In a two-player game, the opponent alone rolls 4 times.
RISIKO! - RISK! I must roll the die 3 times. If I get a sum of 12 or less, I may move a pawn this amount! If I get more than 12 all of the other players may move the rolled sum.
RÜCKZUG! - MOVE BACK! A pawn from each of the players (not a pawn on the base) goes backwards 5 spaces, but not into the goal!
RUHEPAUSE! - QUIET TIME! I choose another player who is excluded from game play for a round. If he feels fit he may prove it with a die roll (4-6: does not lose a turn, 1-3: sit out for 2 rounds).
SCHNECKEN BONUS! - SNAIL BONUS! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. From now on I get to share in each other player’s 5 and 6 rolls right away if after the roll I say a loud "Thank You!" This bonus expires when I move one of my pawns to the goal. Snails cannot hit others’ pawns!
SCHUTZENGEL! - GUARDIAN ANGEL! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. Until I play a new card or move a pawn to the goal, this card remains face up in front of me. It protects all of my pawns, but not my cards. None of my pawns can be hit or participate in the card plays of others.
7 MEILEN-STIEFEL! - 7-MILE BOOT! I may move 7 spaces. Should I land on a pawn, I may again move 7 spaces, and so on, until I end alone. It is forbidden to hit the pawns of others.
SONDERANGEBOT! - SPECIAL OFFER! I may roll 3 times and move 4 times. At the end of a roll I decide whether I want to use it as a double move (at the latest by the 3rd roll). A roll of 6 is not allowed to be the additional move.
SPIONAGE! - ESPIONAGE! I (007) may look at the cards of all the other players and terminate (discard) a card from each.
SPRUNGBRETT! - SPRINGBOARD! I spring onto the opposite side corresponding space (over the middle of the game board), for example, from the red entry space to the yellow entry space. Base jumpers have no spring permit!
TEUFEL! - DEVIL! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. All of my pawns may take the place of other pawns and expel these back to their entry spaces – even pawns protected by the GUARDIAN ANGEL.
TREFFEN! - MEETING! 3 pawns visit a 4th on his space (not in the goal!). At most 2 of your own pawns may participate in the meeting. If no meeting of 4 pawns is possible, it may also be with fewer.
TRIO! One of my pawns been rendered redundant for incompetence. Off to the box with him. From now on I’m playing with only 3 pawns. Playing this card requires that I have at most 2 pawns in the goal. OR I may shift 3 figures one field each in arbitrary directions.
ÜBERRASCHUNG! - SURPRISE! I draw two cards from another player; in return he receives this card. The owner of the card can destroy this card (remove it from the game) instead of taking his own turn.
UFO! - Anytime! All pawns which are on the inner corner spaces are placed in the goal. Beam me up, Scotty!
UMTAUSCH! - EXCHANGE! Anytime! I’m not happy with the die roll - I’m just going to roll it again!
VORMUND! - GUARDIAN! Anytime! The player who just played a card is still a little bit too young to understand this one. Therefore I, as his guardian, will immediately take over this card from him.
WEG DA! - MAKE WAY! Anytime! I immediately, regardless of the turn order, take my turn. After my turn play passes to my left hand neighbor and then continues as usual.
WIRBELSTURM! - TORNADO! YOU THINK? cards not allowed. I collect all of the hand cards of all of the players, shuffle and re-distribute face down. In dealing I naturally begin with myself.
Translation Copyright 2003 Richard M. Heli