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Special Combat Restrictions (9.8) in the Avalon Hill Board Game

1. HMS Rodney
–no stern turrets
–has 3rd bow turret which fires to port and starboard at B range
–when a stern turret hit is received, roll 1 die:

1-2 = bow hit, either section
3-6 = bow hit in third turret
–when firing at stern, all stern hits are secondary hits
–stern turret is halved if main bow turret is used a A range

2. Prince of Wales, King George V
–every firing turn, roll 1 die:

1-3 = no penalty
4-6 = roll again
1-3 = halve bow turret
4-6 = halve stern turret

3. Cruisers
–when receiving Special Damage, always use Special Damage A